BandHip Hop

I've been involved with music my entire life. I started playing the piano at the age of 10, making music for the church. That gave me the foundation for my production skills, and the musical skills I needed to get noticed as an entertainer.


Dane is a triple threat to the music industry. Described as a Southern version of Kanye West, he's developed into a excellent producer and lyrical MC, while maintaining a very business savvy outlook on the game. For those that say the south doesn't have lyrics, one listen to Dane's lyrical masterpieces will shut down any naysayers. Having roots in both Mississippi and Louisiana, he has coined the word "Sippyana" and is determined to put his stomping grounds on the map. Having mastered the art of making widely appreciated music while staying true to his roots, you can expect to see big things from Yung Dane as he reps Final Kauz Entertainment.

Set List

Hey Shorty