Dane Jah Ras
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Dane Jah Ras

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Band Hip Hop Spoken Word


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Red: Thoughts Beats and Rhymes vol.1"

Danejahras possesses a true talent for creatively rhyming in such an entertaining fashion that fans have both of their ears constantly glued to each word laid. Red is an abstraction of many skills holding everything from furious head nodding beats to spoken poetry to reggae to hip hop stamped rhymes. Red’s abstraction combines to delivery the maximized amount of flavor fans could demand in one album. Danejahras is extremely talented, exciting, and entertaining. Red is a testament to that fact. Red is a spiritually uplifting album. Red is an album fans need to tune into.

Red starts off with Red Pray which is a relaxing, spiritually uplifting introduction to the album. Even though not much is said, the beat, and the voice of the singer appeals to the inner listener’s soul. The next track is “Intro�, a scorching hot beat packing the perfect amount of cuts & scratches to beat up on any fan. Warning, “Intro� will have your head nodding 90 miles an hour. Refreshing sums it all up in one word. The album continues with more beat, production exclusive tracks, as well as tracks that feature some of the best, and most passionate rhymes fans have yet to hear. All of the music is appreciated, and all of the beats, production, and vocals are incredible. Although all of the tracks are high quality, and equally as good as their neighboring tracks, a few always stand out above the rest. The most notable tracks include Stage Dive, Meaning of Life, and Afterlife. Guest appearances by T-Wrecks, Pho, Hyfidelik, and D-Mass contribute positively to the album overall contributing to the albums creativeness, depth, and intensity.

Improvements are few and far between; however, some critics will critique the album for being so diverse. If a fan is not into listening to beats, and wants strictly songs with vocal contributions then they may find themselves drowned out when listening to Red; however, Red has more than enough vocal contributions to appease the large majority of fans, and the beats / production tracks are so hot its hard to imagine fans wanting to tune out at any point. Some critics will critique the album cover for not listing the track numbers beside the tracks on the back cover. Numbers are always a great way to identify tracks in addition to their title. Today’s fans appreciate information as much as the music featuring on the album. Fans want to open the jacket and read about the artist, and, or their music. On the Danejahras website fans can read about the inspiration for Red, and gather more information about the artist himself, but not in the album jacket of Red. Fans that like to read will be disappointed in the album jacket for Red. These are all small critiques; most importantly Red is a solid release that commands listening, and attention, and overly appeases fans with its music, where most fans agree it counts.

Overall Red is a fantastic album that fans need to check out. Visit the Danejahras website to read more about the artist, and his music. Fans will not be disappointed.
- hiphophotspot.com


....Further potential was revealed in their poetry segment. Toronto poet and hip hop artist danejahras joined the band on stage for a reading which turned out to be the most compelling and original thing I've heard in hip-hop for a very long time. - The Parkdale Revolution Orchestra: Nothing To Fear (Show Review Aug 8/07)

"Phorilla (blog written by Bonjay's DJ Pho)"

Poet, DJ, and homeboy extraordinaire Dane (now that I think about it, he's like a T-dot version of Rich Medina) just hooked up his own website at www.danejahras.com. He's always into something nice.... - n/a

"A Danejahras development"

The album has a broad musical range,...[Dane's] debut venture is a stroke of Bermudian musical genius - Royal Gazette, Nov1/03


Dane’s performances can be heard on: Red – TBR vol.1 (2002, Palm Squad), Earth Dragon (2002, Fossil Fuel), Refuel (2003, Fossil Fuel), TPS vs. T-dot (2006, Independent), and on the upcoming Big in Japan (Shochu Rock, 2008), and Gold – TBR vol.2 (KnowSomething, 2008) releases.



Dane Jah Ras AKA Dane Swan, is a Toronto based Bermuda born hip hop artist who transcends mediums. Dane has performed in over a dozen cities throughout North America including Chicago, San Jose, LA, Vancouver, Chicago, Ottawa and Toronto.

Dane is a member of Canada's Turntablism community competing in battles from the Roger's Center to San Francisco. Also, he is a part of the North American Poetry Slam community representing Toronto in the US Midwest and national slam competitions.

Walter Brown of Bermuda's Royal Gazette proclaimed Dane's first album Red: Thoughts Beats and Rhymes Vol.1 a stroke of Bermudian musical genius. Publicbroadcasting.ca called Dane's recent performance with current experimental music darlings Parkdale Revolution Orchestra, "the most compelling and original thing I’ve heard in hip-hop for a very long time�.

At the end of 2006, Dane received funding from the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council to record his second album Gold: Thoughts and Rhymes vol.2, a self-produced project that combines dub poetry, slam poetry, rap, hip hop, dance genres and dance hall.

At the end of 2007 Dane came to an agreement with Ottawa based Knowsomething Music to release Gold. Featuring cellist Mike Olsen, Trumpeter Brownman, Vocalist Nadine Fiore, and Drummer/ percusionist Dan D'Onorio Gold promises to propel Dane into a new stratosphere of recognition. Dane is also co-host of Toronto's $100 Slam and on the board of The Toronto Poetry Slam.