Dan Falvey

Dan Falvey


Fingerpicking acoustic guitarist songwriter

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Distant Planet

Written By: Dan Falvey

Now that it's over, now that it's done
Now that the silence has said all it can

And the story ends where it began
A time and place so familiar again

I'll put my brave face on
Then close the door, turn up the fire
Play our songs till the early hours

Took a walk through the park
Sat amongst the wild flowers till dark
And as the scents filled the air
I forgot you weren't there

Like a distant planet round the sun
Trying to get some warmth and finding there was none

Now I have no need to try and impress
I've become another of the unblessed

Still I'll fix a smile to my face
Then close the door, turn up the fire
Play our songs till the early hours

And so it goes - yes it does
The empty road - lies ahead
The wheels they turn in my head
And they never stop

Billy and the clocks

Written By: Dan Falvey

Billy watches the clocks
His work never stops
He wanders all day
From cafe to cafe

The love he's waiting for
She never will appear
She left him standing here
But still feels near

He carries a photograph
That's falling apart
From being touched too much
By a broken heart

And as the night falls
He frequents the halls
And the seedier bars
With his beat up guitar

He plays some sad songs
And his friends buy him a beer
Now he's glad to be here
Away from the fear

And as he heads for home
Through the midnight throng
He knows he lives in a world
Where he doesn't belong

And at journey's end
My dear old friend
Turn out the light
Sleep soundly tonight