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Feelings Fought
Were You the Rainbow (at the end of the storm)
2U (Have Some Fun)
Fraud Justifies?
No Feeling?



Dan’s music is a hope of inspiration to others to rise above their difficulties so we may show the good we have in each of us.

Dan’s music is kind of the result of an accident. Well, literally. In 2003 he was involved in an accident on his way to work and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) as the side of his car slammed into a telephone pole, stopping his body from moving at 55 mph. Doctors said he wouldn’t come out of the coma it left him in as so much of his brain was lost.

He required tubes to breathe and feed him. His mind was totally mixed when he came out of the coma and he couldn’t remember much for months. He faced the hardest challenge ever, as he now had to relearn all things, due to the extensive damage to his brain.

Dan has relearned many things and is very thankful for all he can do. He knows what it is like to be in so many states of disability. Many good people encouraged his recovery, and helped him remember what he could of his past.

Learning was made more difficult with broken memory requiring relearning with each try. Vertigo, double vision and loss of hearing with constant loud ear ringing make walking and talking more difficult too.

As Dan learned to speak, music bits also came into his mind, something he hadn’t thought about before. He began to ‘sing’ bits into a recorder he used for his memory disability, though he never played them for anyone.

He later tried to play his old guitar that he hadn’t played much prior to his TBI as its strings were so far from the neck and hard to press down. His uncle suggested trying to learn to play piano as a way to help regain use of his hands (as his TBI greatly damaged his fine motor skills). After getting his old keyboard out, more music came into Dan’s mind.

He then had the neck adjusted on his guitar and tried to record his music better. The ideas came more and more. Music was soothing and distracting from the pain and other difficulties.

Music and all art are a source of recreation that can require little consumption of the earth for human pleasure in so many good ways. Music links many different areas of the brain and even minds thought broken.

Music is now a constant in Dan’s life as he puts songs together that he hopes others will like too. He believes in music’s ability to help us in many ways and will share what he can to help others become aware.

Dan is honored that you have read this much of his story and that you’ve listened to some of the music he is working on and would like to hear your thoughts. He thanks you for your encouragement and for even the smallest you do to help others in need.