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"Most Underated of the South"

Undoubtly this amazing young talented female artist is reaching her pinnacle every day she steps in the studio booth. Be on the look out for her and you can view her latest mixtapes hosted by TPain and Daddy Phatts on www.dangersmusic.com - In Chronic Magazine


Feel So Good- Radio on X 102.3 (WMBX), WPB, FL
Industry Calling Me- Radioon X 102.3(WMBX)WPB FL
Self-Explanatory- Radio- X 102.3 (WMBX), WPB, FL
Danger Is Here- Radio-on X 102.3 (WMBX), WPB, FL
Put It on You- Radio-on X 102.3 (WMBX), WPB, FL
PBC Dreaming- Radio-on X 102.3 (WMBX), WPB, FL
My Girls in the club Looking Sexy- Radio-on X 102.3 Flossing- Radio-on X 102.3 (WMBX), WPB, FL


Feeling a bit camera shy




Danger by definition may cause harm, exposure to injury, pain or loss,but Angela Cherise also known as Danger will only expose you to a strong, beautiful, true lyrical rapper.

Danger was born August 3, 1984, and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Danger's early influences came from Gospel and from the art and passion of writing poetry. She is constantly reinventing herself by mastering the guitar and learning to make beats on sampling equipment so she can create her music on a different level. Danger actually writes her own material, hooks and all. In addition, this Spring Danger will be part of a TV series that will be in 600,00 plus viewers homes regionally!

Danger and her sister were formally with the group, “Snatch”. Some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop: Outkast, Slip N Slide, and even Sony Music were interested in signing Snatch. However, Danger left Snatch and came to the group Black N Blue Entertainment, which at the time was being developed by DAJiE LLC.

Danger has opened up for Slick Rick 'The Ruler'. She also opened up for Tony Sunshine of the Terror Squad; Danger captivated the crowd and had guys and girls fighting to be up front during her performance. The Ozone Magazine Regional party, which included PM (Miami) and Mike West (Ft. Lauderdale); Danger was the best performer there. Danger has performed with the Latin band Pokoloko at the 2004 Palm Beach Latin Festival; the Latin people at the festival really loved her. Danger's performances are so energetic and memorable that strangers will recognize her in the street or at the mall and complement her from the last show they attended.

She has had 8 songs debut on the Local Luv show on X 102.3 WMBX(Viacom owned) ; which showcases the top artist in Florida. What's My Name,PBC Dreaming, Put it on You, and Feel So Good were all in the top 10 countdown. “Industry Calling Me” gives you a good idea of Danger's range in vocal ability when she sings the chorus. Danger demonstrates her lyrical gift by saying in the 3rd verse " I'm not alone I have suicidal thoughts riding with me". By the time you read this biography Danger will have a full album worth of songs debut on Local Luv Show. The public is in love with her as well. Danger is making her way through the mix-tape circuit and coming out with her own project called "Pre-Construction Phase 1".

She is coming out with an LP titled 'Decisions, Since Birth'. The album will be out next Spring. The Album will have hit maker Lil Rob as producer who has made hits for Jarule of Murda Inc. Danger’s current producers have worked with Sir Mix-Alot on 'Baby's Got Back' and with Snoop Dogg ' About the Game'.

Danger has the grace, style and the creative passion to become an international superstar. Her music will dangerously move in you, through you and captivate you. Everyone can use a little Danger in their life.

Danger's credits
Patiently Waiting Compilation- September 2004-
Ozone Magazine " The Southern Voice of Hip-Hop
SoFlo Compilation- Spring 2005- Beware Productions