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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Satelite Pop (Spain) Review,"

. . . The recent musical history of the city (Chicago) is evident in the music of this band: the percussion, keyboards, tempo and the layered sound - all echoes of glorious times. It is also clear that we are not dealing with Tortoise or The Sea & Cake and it is in fact the pop foundations of the music that sets this band apart from the heavyweight names in the city's post-rock and jazz scenes . . . With "The Pomegranate" you just have to appreciate the good music and let yourself get taken along by it because what this trio has is something really unique. That's why you have to really listen to the harmonies, the keyboards, the impressive rhythms and the apparent ease that surrounds it all - it is simple, direct and enchanting . . . Perhaps if Mr. McEntire or Mr. O'Rourke were to cross paths with Danger Adventure, they would all get something special out of it.
- Satelite Pop-Alfonso Mendez

"Monocromo Review (Spain), "the pomegranate""

Danger Adventure have their own way of doing things, with special emphasis on careful vocal interplay and decorated with original keyboard work and jumpy percussion that adds a heady rhythm base to the songs. This trio ends up moving in and out of an animated movie soundtrack produced at once by both Phil Spector and Syd Barret and, as the trio itself sings on the first track, a “Uniquely... Developed... Lullaby... Sound.” Apt for accompanying you in any moment of daily life, the debut from Danger Adventure comes as a breath of fresh air in the stereotyped scene of Chicago"
- Monocromo Magazine (translated to English from monocromo.org) - Monocromo.org

"Venus, "the pomegranate""

"...a truly unique approach...Danger Adventure [is] the kind of act you can respect--there's no posing on 'the pomegranate.'  The band promises 'eclectic, electric pop music' and the resulting magic of innovative keyboards and Caroline Nutley's vocals is just that.  Hey, [you] can kind of dance to it too."
- Venus Magazine - Venus Magazine

"Jim DeRogatis Review, "Danger Adventure (2002)""

(This) futuristic lounge music makes for hip, lulling...listening in your space age bachelor pad.
- Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Sun Times - Chicago Sun Times

"Go-Mag (Spain) Review,"

"...they vigorously shake their cocktail of easy-listening choruses and interwoven poppy vocals and bluesy rock...from the cold and distant feel of Stereolab through to the irreverence and cheekiness of Elephant 6 and...Jim O'Rourke-style "anything goes"
...in weaving Caroline Nutley...in and out of the masculine falsettos; their way of
adding avalanches of keyboards...promises so much for its freshness, originality and playfulness,... Handle sensibly."

Gloria Gonzalez, Go Mag, February 2004

- Go-Mag

"Daily Northwestern Feature"

"Pomegranate" seeds starting to grow

Chicago threesome Danger Adventure debuts album.
April 15, 2004

"If Danger Adventure can make the owner of a staunchly experimental European boutique record label (Fork Series) fess up to the power of great melodies, it should be relatively easy to convince most music lovers who take no shame in cherishing the heavenly vocals and dense keyboard and guitar hooks bountifully displayed throughout "The Pomegranate."

The record kicks off with a nether-worldly hymn justly titled "New Sound." Nutley's thick keyboard bass lines and Goodwin's intuitive drums keep the track moving through the song's variations, more attuned to a classical suite than a standard verse-chorus-verse pop structure. Many songs on the record take surprising turns, always accompanied by fresh instrumental and vocal melodies.

"New Sound" begins with Nutley's open-throated, angelic voice amid a trippy wash of organ chords and space-age effects. It then merges into a groovy bounce with Razi's guitar chiming in the background, until the song opens up into a euphoric wide-screen haze of lofty psychedelia before finally disintegrating into a dirge. An exercise in economy and flawless segue, "New Sound" packs four great eccentric pop tunes into its five minutes and seventeen seconds.

Mixing pop, prog and experimental tendencies, Danger Adventure takes musical cues from artists as far-reaching as Brazilian Tropicalia pioneers Os Mutantes and Burt Bacharach. In a more modern context, the band could easily find their place within the retro-pop-psych Elephant 6 collective spearheaded in the '90s by such visionaries as Apples In Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel and The Olivia Tremor Control. Tellingly, through a network of mutual acquaintances and a spat of good luck, the band recently recorded a few songs with Apples In Stereo main-man Robert Schneider."
- Daily Northwestern


Danger Adventure (2001) EP Self-Released
Danger Adventure (2002) EP Self-Released
The Pomegranate (2003) LP Fork Series
"Muchas Smoochas" (2004) Cherry Bomb Comp
"United Snakes" (2004) Fork Series Chicago Comp.

Untitled EP (2005) Optical Records, MFG.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Possibly the most common compliment paid to the Chicago band, Danger Adventure, is that they don't sound like anyone else. From their first show on Valentine's Day 2001, Danger Adventure's music has evolved quickly into a psychedelic pop experience that celebrates the joys of melody and the regalia of rhythm. After two self released EPs, Danger Adventure was wooed by Barcelona-based indie Fork Series to release a proper album. They worked long hours with Jef Lear and Mike Armstrong to help capture their unique sound to tape.

Danger Adventure's sound is decidedly non-cohesive, letting each bit of music have its say. The ten pieces that make up their debut full length, "The Pomegranate" (Fork Series) range from the overtly Baroque at times to glaringly rock at others. Faiz Razi's searing guitar sustain and harmonic volleys ride atop the thrum and rumble of Caroline Nutley's heavy keyboard basslines and impeccable chord changes matching lockstep to John Goodwin's kinetic drumming. Nutley's violin-like command of her voice interweaves with Razi's earthy tenor in the band's tricky yet oddly-hummable arrangements. Not content with rewriting the same songs again and again, Danger Adventure constantly challenges itself and its listeners by shifting from mood to mood without losing their singular voice.

2004 has been an incredible year for Danger Adventure. After the release of their LP, they piqued the curiosity of Robert Schneider (Apples in Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, E6 head honcho) who invited the band to record with him for his new label (Optical Records Mfg.). The band recorded live to one microphone and overdubbed the vocals with no reverb, no frills and all thrills. These recordings capture the eerie essence and command of the live performance that Danger Adventure has been prone to display and will be seeing release in the coming year.

In April, the band made good on its' New Year's Resolution of traveling overseas and completed a brief but intense tour in Spain. DA traveled with BCore support, Les Philippes to shows in Madrid, Vigo, A Coruna and Barcelona. The band was well received and covered in the press, filmed live for Spanish television, interviewed by Spanish National Radio and played a crowded in-store performance @ FNAC Records.

Danger Adventure has returned home to Chicago, where they have performed at many of the cities' most notable venues (The Metro, The Hideout, The Empty Bottle, The Double Door, Schuba's, and The Abbey Pub). They have also played in various locations around the US, including The Magic Stick in Detroit, Gabe's Oasis in Iowa City, Club Metronome in Burlington and Noyes Hall in Ithaca. They have shared the stage with national touring acts such as U.S. Maple, Dogs Die in Hot Cars, Black Keys, Elf Power and the Bloodthirsty Lovers.

Danger Adventure has just completed a tour with the High Water Marks (Hilarie from Apples in Stereo and Jim from Preston School of Industry/ Oranger) for several dates on their way out to Pop Montreal. In 2005, they plan to bring their stunning music to unawares on this side of the pond and beyond.