Danger & the Steel Cut Oats
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Danger & the Steel Cut Oats

Band Americana Bluegrass


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The Birds Woke Us Early



i guess it all started with a snare drum. somebody was banging on a snare drum and thought, 'hey, i wonder what it would sound like if i attached strings to this snare drum.' so he or she did, and they called it a banjo.
everything else occurred by chance and happenstance. i was standing outside of a bar in east nashville talking to daniel, and i breathed in too deep, and the cool air made my chest hurt, which made me think that my heart might be broken even though i wasn't really in love at the time. cold air sometimes makes the pulmonary alveoli constrict quickly, which can cause a feeling of chest tightness, which turns out to have nothing to do with heart break.
so i did what anyone else would do to deal with the pain of love lost. i told daniel we should form a bluegrass band.
it turns out that neither one of us really knew how to play bluegrass music, so we ended up making songs that we would have classified as bluegrass if we had known how to classify bluegrass. i started adding more instruments and players, which made it more difficult for the band members to keep track of each others names. the first show we played, everyone called everyone else by their instrument name. true story
it was really cold that night--the night of our first show--so of course, i thought i was heart broken again, even though it was just my pulmonary alveoli constricting. so i wrote some more songs. i guess i write a lot of songs about heart break. but they probably wouldn't mean the same thing if this odd cast of musicians didn't meet in my living room and bring them to life. otherwise, people would probably say, 'those songs sound like he breathed in a little too deeply on a cold night, and his pulmonary alveoli constricted too fast.' which may or may not be closer to the truth.
i wrote these songs for you. but it's only chance and happenstance that you heard them.