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""Enter the Bonerzone..." review"

Of course I didn’t want to like this. I’m not exactly a prude, but if asked about my playlist, I wasn’t looking forward to saying, “I’ve been really into spinning the new Dangerboner. It’s called Enter the Bonerzone.” But here we are and I’m having a blast. This is grungy, dirty punk ‘n’ roll that sounds as if it was recorded in an Alabama sweatbox. Not exactly groundbreaking, but it’s catchy, well-executed, broken bottle music that doesn’t need to do anything but just fucking rock, goddammit, which it certainly does.

Sometimes you can actually feel a Pabst-soaked boot kicking your ass. The vocals are like the last breath spitting of a man whose throat is quickly being dissolved by paint thinner, as the singer switches between apocalyptic rants and brash wailing. I’m usually not into discussing a band’s lyrics, but that was a pre-Dangerboner mindset. Lines like “We are Dangerboner / We’re gonna fuck your wife / We’re gonna fuck your children / We’re gonna fuck your life” just make me want to chug a gallon of Old Crow and smash the windshield of a cop car with my head. (Note: “The Admiral” rips off a riff and some lyrics from Shellac’s “The Admiral,” which is either an oversight while wasted or Dangerboner don’t care. I don’t care either.)

So, yes, I’m ready to fly full speed ahead into the Bonerzone, and I suggest you tag along. Just give me a minute—this playground full of children wants to know what I’m listening to.

—Shane Mehling - Decibel Magazine


"Enter the Bonerzone: A Comprehensive 11-Step Program For Sociopolitical Upheaval" LP, recorded at Tucson, AZ's legendary WaveLab Studios (Calexico, Neko Case).



“… Dangerboner plays a hybrid of music that's part Gang Of Four, Feederz, and Mudhoney, all rolled up into a sloppy, wet burrito that's guaranteed to get a bit messy, and tastes better after a few too many alcoholic beverages. The singer is possessed, moving about the stage with a confrontational and dramatic style that would have Jello Biafra applauding for a job well done. It also helped that he was wearing a giant black cat suit that covered him from head to toe. The guitar player had an air of scariness about him, cutting out these Andy Gill licks and riffs out of the deepest, darkest recesses of his mind, completely disassociated with what he was playing, but at the same time, completely aware of what sounds he was making (if that makes any sense). He was definitely the one to watch in the band, and his actions later would prove my assessment right. The bass player just kind of stood there, looking completely lost as to what was going on around him, and the drummer was a heavy-handed basher in a pink shirt who looked to be having a blast back there behind the kit — I always like to see that happening. The band sounded really good. Dangerboner stumbled a bit at the beginning of their set, because of a technical problem, but once they started playing again, they evoked a great response from the overly drunken crowd. They had a few friends in the audience, and it was a good vibe all around. Then 2 of the members of Dangerboner switched instruments, and the mood took a turn for the worse. The drummer was now playing guitar, and the guitar player was now playing drums. They still sounded as good, but for some reason (I didn't see how it started), some guy was harassing the guitar player who was now playing drums. I thought the heckler was a friend of the band, just taking the piss out of his mates on stage, but when he jumped up on stage to sing or say something into the microphone, the guitar player/drummer jumped out from behind the kit to push the errant, wannabe back-up singer dude hard back into the crowd. He, of course, took great offense to what had just happened, and proceeded to talk shit to the guy for the rest of their set. Dangerboner finished up a few more songs before the guitar player/drummer just lost it and proceeded to attack the loudmouth and things broke out into a giant melee. Fists, boots and bottles started flying all around, and I even took an empty Newcastle bottle to the back while things were getting sorted out by the overwhelmed security guards … It was the perfect end to a fantastic night, and more importantly, I'd like to think it was the perfect result of what Dangerboner's music can do to you. It can make you dance, make you think, or, if the mood suits, can make you fight …” -onethirtyeight.org