Danger Junkies

Danger Junkies

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Drive. There's a drive, a groove behind every song. Every song has a hook, and a perfect blend of melody and heavyiness. My 3 influences are The Beatles, Hendrix, and Nirvana.


Founded June 2012. Every song we do, at the moment has been written by Kareem(me). The idea of the band was founded by me and Aaron Culberson, we wanted to form a black rock trio. To make music that would have great songwriting with a punk DIY attitude, but without having the music to become pedantic. After auditioning countless drummers, we settled on Akeen Williams whose drumming lend just the versatile, hard-hitting, consistent dynamics that hold this project together.

You could describe us as a dirty garage pop outfit or perhaps psychedelic grunge ensemble or delightfully dissonant punk music. You be the judge!

I have great influence from Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Queens of the Stone Age, The Beatles, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Bad Brains, Black Sabbath, The Pixies, and Weezer amongst other bands.



Written By: Kareem John

Linen bombs of daisy chain,
the feeling I am shackled.
Trapped inside ths time,
time is frozen.
Lipid emotion,
exhausted devotion,
I'm helpless to my mind.
Drowning into this, this emptieness.

Slumber slip into a slender state.
Stop appreciate the world's embrace.
free your mind let it soar
into the sky. (You will find)
Seek and staple
a thought in mind.
The world is better than you seem to find. You have to dig,
dig deep in that hole

Spirals of feelings,
I'm ripping and reeling,
the rumble in my heart.
The difference between love and loss are far apart.
Playful delusion,
stuck in excluson,
I knew ii from the start.
You were better than me,
I can't let you free
from my love.


You will find (down in that hole)
You will find (down in that hole)



Euphoria sessions EP

Set List

March of the Zombies (ep)
The Judge
party foul (ep)
Winter's Whiff
So Divine (ep)
Tons of unreleased songs to choose from(at least 40)
I usually have 10-15 songs in a set, it's usually an hour.
Covers could include:
White Stripes