Dangerkat, an Alternative Punk band that time and time again brought a shiny beacon of hope to a very uncharacteristic music scene that has plagued this darken times a little too long.


Dangerkat is a D.I.Y., punk styled group with noisy guitars, pop melodies, lots of gang vocals, and energetic stage shows that usually end in bumps, bruises, and busted equipment. A wise man once said, "It's the fastest that gets paid and it's the fastest that gets laid!" and they follow it to the bitter end. Dangerkat has
literally made children cry and dogs howl along to the roughest, nastiest punk
in the WV, PA, and OH area. But that's not all. Also possessing a folksy style that can get any
bar crowd bellowing off key, Dangerkat is truly the 'perfect' band.


Collection 1: The Search For The Yeti

Set List

sets range from 45 minutes to an hour and a half (when the mood hits). We have a balanced set of Rock, Punk, Alternative, and the occasional cover or two. All in all, no one leaves unsatisfied.