Dangerous Animal

Dangerous Animal

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Rock. Punk. Hip-Hop. Dangerous Animal collides energetic, heavy rock and metal with the flow and rhythm of Hip-Hop. Based out of San Marcos, TX, these hometown rockers burst onto the local Hip-Hop scene with melodic, driving metal and dark, zealous lyrics. This remix of rock is not an act to miss.


Four students came together to jam out and listen to each others talent. They discovered an interesting blend of musicianship that came to form a harmonic mix of metal and hip-hop. The four-man group wasted no time in gigging like madmen, and soon afterwards, Dangerous Animal began to make a splash in the local Hip-Hop scene as well as the rocker crowd.

This word-of-mouth rock band successfully mixes a relentless wall of sound with aggressive, rhythmic Hip-Hop lyrics. Dangerous Animal claims its influences from groups such as Atmosphere, Rage Against The Machine, Grieves, P.O.S., Little Brother, and Arctic Monkeys.


EP in production