dangerous doll

dangerous doll


A sonic mind rape of music that explores the trials and tribulations of life and love.


Dangerous Doll is a Nashville, TN based alternative-Goth-rock band that combines ripping guitars, haunting piano, and silky-rich vocals. Front woman Summer Matte nails the Goth Diva part with her impressive range and glamourous style. Part of what makes her unique is the fact that if you saw Summer on the street you would never guess she sings for this genre. She's definitely a girly-girl. Formed by two friends (Summer & Joe Freas) in March 2004, they spent the first several months writing and recording their not-yet-released demo. Joe plays the guitar and keyboards on their tracks, and Bill Maharidge is on drums. Dangerous Doll’s self-produced album “A Darker Shade of Blue” is expected to be complete by the end of February 2006. They are currently unsigned.


LP - A Darker Shade of Blue

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