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The most stimulating unthought of RYHMS AND FLOWS that no ordinary person could think of. Totally crazy music. Dangerous Musick is the future of hip hop. One of The new breed of rap stars.


Dangerous life. Far from idyllic. He has suffered through the all too familiar ordeals of street life and the problems that come with it. He now uses his past tribulations and what he sees around him as fuel to feed his musical talent. He believes that music can be influential and dangerous to the youth if used in the wrong manner, so what is said has to be real and also inspiring so that someone might learn from his music and use it in a positive manner. Demetrius Williams, professionally known as Dangerous, was born in Brooklyn, NY. He has been writing poetry and hip-hop lyrics for 13 years. A graduate from Mount Vernon High School, Dangerous now resides in Mount Vernon N.Y. Dangerous debuted on the movie soundtrack, The Bait, starring actor Jamie Foxx. He also lent his talents to the title track, "Took The Bait", a collaboration with the legendary rap icon Scarface. Dangerous has worked and performed with the likes of Kanye West, Jadakiss, Doug E. Fresh, Pete Rock, Scarface, Nokio (Dru Hill), Case, Ruff Ryders, Gangsta, Chingy, Carl Thomas, and Eve, just to name a few. His stage presence is amazing and no one has a problem working with him again on future endeavors. Dangerous has sold over 355,000 CDs with 22 tracks on each. He has also completed a documentary on hip-hop and rap from the underground point of view, which will air on Sky TV and the European network GIMY. After working as an Administrative assistant in a prestigious entertainment law firm for two years, Dangerous came to the conclusion that making music is what he wanted to do. He resigned from the firm to follow his career as an artist, Hip Hop activist & actor. He toured with the entertainment company Ruff Ryders & participated in the recording of the Video Thugg Workout D.V.D. Although he's not signed as of yet to major company, Dangerous has been selling his CD ‘The best of Dangerous Musick’ mix tapes in selective cities around the country. Dangerous sold 350,000 copies of his mix tapes just in the streets. The title to the latest mix tape’s Vol. 3 Top Shotta's Edition is Hosted by N.B.A.'s own Ben Gordon 7 of the Chicago Bulls & Vol 4. Steelerz & they aint from Pittsburg *Hosted by Pittsburgh Steelers own running back 34 Vernon Haynes. To date he has recently finished another workout project for Black & Blue Productions called 24 Hr. Workout. Also Dangerous has just completed an exclusive speaking role in an independent film called "Streets 2 Suites". Sponsored By Heineken Beer And the I.F.C Television network. Streets 2 Suites Video Dangerous has 3 new hot songs to include to his already large resume, with Pete Rock called "Cook", and Kanye West "Get Your Lie Straight." His songs are listed on Nielson BDS. With the appeal and skill that Dangerous has, we are definitely going to see more of this up-and-coming star.


War Outside(my door)

Written By: Demetrius Williams

Intro : There's a war outside my door
There's a war outside my door and down the block where gunshots go off non stop over turf and money the hood is hot. shoot outs and ricochets, bodies drop, drugs, prostitution, crooked cops
is it all part of a sinister plot
how we getting Iraq right when we not we got kids out here hugging the block
catching aids at thirteen
getting locked up
daddy out chasen the american dream
mommy getting high off methephatamine
does the end justify the means
our people that sick cant afford a vaccine
our people thats hungry cant afford to eat so why send me to the middle east
CHORUS: 2xThere's a war outside my door
little Mo got murdered at the corner store and his mama dont know what they killed him for
2x theres a war outside my door
so why send me to the middle east hen its a war going on in america streets
Its a soilders story warrior song
politicians ask where they went wrong
U.S. citezens ask where they went wrong
they didnt listen to Marvin
whats going on ?
they dont want to see another vietnam
we got enough problems here at home
we got terrorist here at home
we got child molesters here at home
rapist and serial killers
here at home
protect and serve here at home
we need to bring them troops back home so they can protects us from the police when trigger happy cops patrol the streets
people dont feel the homeland sercurity so why send me to middle east when its a war going on in right here in these streets
CHORUS: 2xthere's a war outside my door
when the police shoot an un armed man in the middle of the street whats it all for
there's a war outside my door
so why send me to the middle east whenits a war going on in America streets
BREAKDOWN: war what is it good for
so why send me to the middle east when its a war going on in AMERICA STREETS
war what is it good for
there's a war outside my door
around the corner
hear a woman scream
somebody call the coroner
wife kills her husband for cheatin on her
there's a war right here just surviving
there's still people over here dying
whatever happen to the war on drunk driving
what ever happen to the war on drugz
whatever happen to the war on aids
is this the door we face in the last days
with crime, hunger and the seven plagues
OUTRO: There's a war outside my door

Splish, Splash

Written By: Demetrius Williams

I'm in the mood for love simply because your near me.
plus the dick get so hard when you stare at me tonight I'ma make the nabers hear me
your face is flawless and that ass is fat
a ni@!a cant wait to get back so I can hit that
like as son as we get to my place
lets get naked
no procastination straight to the basic's you said you cant take it horney and cant shake it
danger got that good love girl you bout to taste it, swallow me whole oooh shorty
dont waste it
Neo and Trinity love making in the matrix. cyber sex
bumping and grinding to the bass kicks
sweating so much salt water she start to taste it
saying my name and im nutten while she say it
her fantasy's me and her laying here naked
CHORUS: first goes your shirt and pants then your draws
if you got on a skirt you aint gotta to take it off
get over here girl I'ma bout to break you off
next the g-string or thong take em off
splish spash
rubben on that ass
splish splash
take your clothes off fast
I master the art a shooting love darts and pussy farts
hit til your dehydrated mouth is tart
I'm not a player i just love to crush in my prime
only if you knew im so real in my rhymes
but the bars are to hard and the groupies are too loose
straight music
we both know its the truth
I bare to God its holy
when you bone me
ghetto matromony
tender roni
ride my Bobby brown
round and round
up and upside down
the passions over whelming make my manhood stand
I'm all the man he wasn't thats why we started fucking
to reminisce
you was pissed cause I was thugging
but seem to forget inbetween the kissing and hugging
now who you loving the rap sean michaels
tonight its me and you in our birthday suit
and as soon as we hit the bed room you knew what to do
This verse she's in the mood for some ruff sex
tough love triple x
got the condems on deck
she want to tuscle with me
while i put hickeys on her neck like little shawn
playing fighten we breathing hard
and you can play Aliyyah
Queen of the Dammed
just let me tie you up by your feet and your hands
while I tickle your fancy tell me can you stand the torture of cumming
waterfalls when your nutten and you can move
your legz or touch nothing
All you can do is lay there
moan and shake
like an earth quake
on any day I'd take the birthday suit
without the birthday cake
and my hips ride the beat to any love I make
Viagra or exstacy
I dont need to take
so respect me in the bedroom shorty I'm the king of making the muthe!@#$%
bed springs

His Glory

Written By: Demetrius Williams

Gunz go off daily as a baby the big bang scare me
for this pat of life mommy couldnt prepare me
daddy got caught up
in them Brooklyn streets
Im not saying he wasnt there just not for me
You see the streets are twisted
I paint pictures like Hyroglifics
with a zip lock a haze in the studio getting lifted
some say Im gifted
others say its a kurse
the power to bring to life what you say in a verse
like love and pain
little man with my name
plans for me and the fam to fly south in a plane
hters on the sideline bumping they gumz
fools a never learn until they under the gunz
when I speak the evil weap
enemies run
go to war with them all with only my tounge and iron lung
ready or not
here I come
Hey kids dont you want to be just like me
ryhme like me and rock a white tee
dont you want to be like the hottest rapper they playing
dont you want listen to every word that he saying
well guess what?
Gangsta rap is just entertainment
just like Van Dam kicking somebody face in
but a real gangsta's life nothing to play it
I bang for all the realist g's that never made it
I'm coming up surely they gon hate me
yo have you heard who hot on the streets lately
yeah Dangerous crazy
fleetwood on 80's
20's on each wheel do the math baby
B.K. made me
murderville raised me
my name Danger's a warning dont try to play me
I dont want to mash you out
please dont make me
Im righteous
but dont mistake me for weak
Ya'll n!@#az is lost
Ya'll n!@#AZ need love
that or a slug
your mama gon need a hug
and your son gon need a step Dad
you no thugg
why you want to rep that
I come through the hood dessed in jet black
I'ma stand up guy real gangsta's
respect that
watch me overcome unbeleivable odds
and you could to by just beleiven in god
fasten and praying im
trying hard
to try is to fail
end up dead or in jail
not me
I'ma rise overcoming this hell
go ahead you Judas
run tell
cause this time
his glory is mine
with nickle nine
n!@#az minds is as sick as sicklecell
sign of the times
please beleive I'll bleed for me and mine
so God please baptize the Ghetto children through my ryhmes
so even through me they still shine

Cook Feat. Pete Roc

Written By: Demetrius Williams

When the east is in the house
oh my God DANGER
Its the new comer with the summer banger
get your drink on and roll that stink up want to party with a rap king
girl lets llink up
my number is 914 jump off
you can find me by the bar with a bad jump off
you aint the only ni!@$$a shining
you mad then Jump off
sercurity wont be stopping them shots when it jump off
in the corner with a bottle Im hood duke
baby dropp it like you got that good nuke
you know Im watching
I might choose you
aint no stopping what we about to do
I make it hot so the whole dance floor a cook
better hop up on your good foot
then girl drop it like you got that good nuke
i get it poppin and im just so hood duke
I make it hot so the whole dance floor a cook
better hop up on your good foot
we bout to move units like a good hook
Pete Roc and Danger its a good look
Now girl drop it like you got that good nuke
then girl pop it like you dont care who look
now just keep it cracking
move your hips to the hook
cause lyrically
Im about to have the industry shook
Pete gave me a beat
we bomb diggy the street
open fire and swarm
arm with alot of heat
them boy up in the vernon got the flavor yea
got the whole dam club off the ricterscale
if a fool want beef
have my money for bail
and I wont tell if he wont tell
but everybody know
n!@#a you going to tell
I want it all
down to the last g
even the judge know not to ask me
Danger dont know shit up in the tahoe getting roasted
i chose to get p.a.i.d
and staY
between the sheets
honey's high note like Cece Winan
and dining
while he play with the fee fee bag we shining
coup seats reclining
M.C.'s get broke like hyhmen when I'm ryhmen
no question
when up in them it get
since Ricky woar the patch
I more rap then city
more gats then chow yung fat
more vibe then quincy
you bow to street royalty with loyalty
and I dont write ryhmes muther!@##$%$
they write me
I make it hot so the whole dam world a cook

Get Your Lies Straight Feat. Kanye West

Written By: Demetrius Williams & Kanye West

Remember when M.C. Hammer made your click want to be dancers
around the time L.L.was walking with a panther
now ya'll got the hats back bust gat rap
ice grilly looking silly
get laugh at
then backed out on
rap about the yard in songs
dont want to go there '
gunz dont go there
or disappear
gagged mouth in the warehouse
blow the rear out touch who you car about
you never seen nothing as lyrical as me
hoping you cowards choke everytime you bite me
hymick munuever,
bear hug out
squeez the thugg out
each lying M.C.
a get rubbed out
I only feel you dudes to a certain extent
the part of you thats trying to push a benz and get rich the other half
I cant relate to
thats the lying shit
you flip pies with wise guys
lying to kids
CHORUS: I see it all in your eyes The lies the rumors the rumors the lies /
fuck all that bicker and beef
your heartbeat sound like sassquash feet/
ya'll niggaz is see through
I dont beleive you you need more people/
and aint no matter who coach you
what you going to do when them real niggaz aproach you
Who's he
another rapper with a doey
but this one pull a uzi
tryed to shoot me
feeling nobody can do me nothing
the names Deme
just let me remind you
I dont respect you or who you sign to
what you rappen bout cars & clothes, one and gunz, brauds and yourself
so is everybody esle
I was told to get cheese swiss cottage and chetttah
tote berrettas
and put some feathers in my hat
no less when i bust
honey's rub it in they chest
straight like that
crown hieghts cat
merking the five
hurtin these guys
aint no seeds in mine
just dro and G's up
proper peice on the chain
dame with knee's up
and I'ma bang and bang on til
the thrills up
you better get it together
and get a beretta
but wait
Get your lies Straight
Dangerous and I'm spitten it down
catch you coming out of jacob Spot gun You Down
maggotts want to stress these brauds impress these brauds
all I really need is twin techs
and a car
build from there
got 16 for each ni!!@# killed in a year
not blood but i spill some here
brothers a bump DANGE cause they feel my pain
u.t. for life yelling with a mill on my brain
my homie's a clap you dog
take your chain
then rock it your hood
with your dryed blood stains
they you cowards talk
ima just laugh
mess with my money though
I'll murder your monkey ass
I'ma Gangsta baby bound to drop
since comstock the whole yard saying I'm hot
Demetrius live for the ooze squirten at cops holia if you see me baby merking the drop

that piff

Written By: Dangerous Musick/ demetrius williams

the rap game is similar to hustle game
i got that piff man, i put that muscle in
so sucka m.c.'s please know that im not playing when i roll through the hood pumping that octane
it something small and fast with a box frame this that block bang
n@!a what your block saying
keep your ear to the street
listen for shots ringing
just had a hard day its stressful black
i got a song like a bag a traum to push your mind back
so lets burn something
light it up, you can sample something
this that shit
becareful dont pull to hard cuzin
you'll blow a amp or something
then your blood rushing
heart pumping on the verge of busten because you over dosing on a Pete Roc production
this that grade A
BOMB BAY blueberry flave
hey D.J.
When i come through the hood sitten low blowing smoke
these n%!@Z Know I got that piff
everywhere i go people know how i roll cause i promote that i got that piff
Girl this that grade A BOMB BAY
hey D.J. i got that piff
so lets burn something light it up get the club jumping
it aint nothing i got that piff
The track is crack and the barz are dope i got purple haze delivery with a hydro flow
from Brooklyn Crown Hieghts so you know im good
i heard its alot of poppin and cracking in my hood
i sling piff to the dogs Besty to englwood
red or blue if your money green its all good
wether its swisher sweets
the dutch or the backwood just burn something 'light it up get the club jumping
Even your girl know how high i go
she showed me back stage how good she can roll
now for some reason i see her at every show
captin you better come and save your hoe
tryed it one night in the club and never let it go
since i passed her the piff
she addicted to the piff
Dangerous A.K.A sour d
mr piff
aint no denying it
this is that piff
When you see me call me your pusher man
im out here trying to make a few hundred grand
grinding non stop 48 barz busten chops
about to open up shop in every mom and pop
your nearest circuit city's, best buy's and camelot's
i hustle like if hip hop was a strip with blocks
zip lock metropolis
who air tighter then this?
there's a new dealer in town
and i got that piff
chickens want to chill because i got that piff
but she just fall asleep after she hit that piff
whoever's getting the most money out here
im coming for the strip
what you want a bag of bullshit or this piff
all clientle is mine as soon as i rhyme
like im pumpimg two for five and up the block i got dimes
one time for the hustlers dead and doing time
two times for the weak m.c.'s that shine
three times cause this whole game about to mine


War Outside My Door
His Glory
Hustlen backwards
Cook FEAT. Pete Roc
Splish, Splash
Get Your Lies Straight Feat. Kanye West

Set List

1) War outside my door
2) Cook Feat. Pete Roc
3) Then & Now
Three songs and a bonus
30 minute set