Dangerous New Addiction

Dangerous New Addiction


The best thing about our band and music is its ability to blend into any environment and gain respect from any type of crowd. Each song has a different feel and is played with the fullest enthusiasm and professionalism, grasping the attention of anyone yearning for a memorable live music experience.


Dangerous New Addiction is the product of a high school bond and a dedication to the one thing in life that most people can't live without, MUSIC. Going on 23-24 years of age, the band members view their music as a well-deserved chance to inspire or just gain the respect of any music lover. The music itself is, down to the core, rock. There is nothing more true than the hard work that goes into learning instruments and creating music as a group.

Hailing from the unknown town of New Philadelphia, OH, Dangerous New Addiction had a hard time getting its start. The only thing the band has was each other. With a nonexistent music scene, the members were forced to be self taught in all ways (in music, production, business, etc). Their 8 years of experience have evolved them to this stage, gaining a Cleveland fan base and opening spots for national acts such as The Donnas.

Also, this past year was a grueling National battle of the bands through Gorilla Productions with Dangerous New Addiction coming out #1! As a result, they were offered a record deal and tour for the spring of 2010.

Set List

As just an original act we provide 45-60 minutes of our own material which is normally about 11 songs. When we play a venue wanting a full 4 hour show we incorporate the latest rock radio hits as well as hits from the 80's and beyond.