Dangerous Ponies

Dangerous Ponies

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Dangerous Ponies is a collection of friends, family and lovers who have been playing their unique blend of 60's and 90's influenced indie power pop since early 2008. In true DIY spirit, they've self-released, produced, and recorded their debut EP and self-titled full length records as well toured the country several times over. Expect a barrage of fuzzed out riffs, guitarmonies, relentless drums, tambourines and face-paint all of which front woman and founding member, Chrissy Tashjian croons ove




Unrelenting sing along harmonies and beautifully arranged instrumentation is just the tip of the iceberg. We at PRP personally recommend crashing this electric dance party.... {this} band that has enough energy to singlehandedly power the city of Brotherly Love. --***punkrockpayroll***-- __________________________________________________________________________________________
Dangerous Ponies are a local band here in Philadelphia, known for their dance-pop beats, crazy-dancing percussionists, and outlandish, colorful fashions. --***faceadelphia***-- __________________________________________________________________________________________
...in the Ponies, [chrissy] adds color, spectacle and feisty rhythm. Her brother, who plays under the stage name Mikey Blunt, pounds his drums all hellacious. The band is decked out in a bright wardrobe that synth player Brooks Banker — aka Brooks A. Breakdancer — picked out during volunteer shifts at Philly AIDS Thrift. Guitarist Evan Bernard adds some counterpoint licks and hollered interjections, bassist Chris Baglivo holds down the low end, hype girls Gretchen Simms and Sarah Green prance and shout and shake a tambourine, and away we go. A-wah-oh-whoa. --***citypaper***-- __________________________________________________________________________________________
Dangerous Ponies is a pop group that makes you feel like the world's a good place. Group vocals, smart melodies and occasional whimsy are staples of the Philly sextet, self-described as "queer and allied" --***hartfordadvocate***-- __________________________________________________________________________________________
Delivering a sun-shiny, beatlesque brand of organic indie rock, Dangerous Ponies bring it all to the table. Although they are traveling with only 5 of their 8 members, the show was still quite effective, blending pop sensibility, solid musicianship and infectious melody with glitter, dancing, tambourines, face paint, heart-shaped guitars, sideways ponytails, you name it! The band is on tour in support of their new EP ‘Doctor Ponie, Medicine Ponie’, and is working hard at bringing a dance party to a town near you. --***Cvillain***-- __________________________________________________________________________________________


Dr. Ponie Medicine Ponie-self released
S/T - Self-Released - "I Only Wear My Favorite Clothes at Home" CMJ top 200