New Haven, Connecticut, USA
BandR&BHip Hop

DangerZone is a band of individual artists and producers that come together with a common goal in mind..to make great music!


Our Music is like no other music that is in rotation. The styles of our songs vary and no two songs sound alike. All of our songs are written and produced by us.

This is our Story…

Nocko got an email one night from an A&R executive at Def Jam to see if he knew of a band that could play behind Ludacris on The Late Show with David Letterman two weeks later. He immediately said he has JUST the band. In that instant, DangerZone was formed. His first three phone calls were to his brother, GFunk, one of his cousins Sage and his other cousin Drizz. After these components of the now legendary unit were in place, the remaining members were added by being friends of the family. That was 2005 and since then Dangerzone has played on numerous television shows, live concerts and shows with other national Artists and by themselves. All of our talents were cultivated by playing our separate instruments in church. Our influences are every Artist that makes good music. Our style is identical to none!


Had it All- Independent 2006
One Night- Independent 2008
Higher- Independent 2008
Whatever Happens- 2009

Set List

Our sets are generally between 45 mins to 1 hour.
We do our original songs and in between dependent upon the crowd, we mix in other famous songs that either have been out or are out currently.

Had It All,
One Night,
Whatever Happens
My Story