Dan Hall

Dan Hall

 Fenton, Michigan, USA

Dan Hall takes common themes and finds unique ways to blend them into uncommonly good music.


The Michigan native has been performing in many venues since the age of 10, pursuing traditional and non-traditional outlets for his surging creativity and unstoppable enthusiasm.
His impish sense of humor, with a stand-up comic’s sense of timing and an impersonator’s facial flexibility, helps him connect with his diverse audiences. Dan turns up laughter when least expected, and taps into the unrestrained joy that music – the best kind of music – can inspire.
He also plays traditional folk music and some non-traditional tunes in concert venues across the nation. Those efforts focus on ballads about ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events, such as the Sit-Down Strike of 1936-37, or the sinking of the legendary Edmund Fitzgerald.
He’s even co-created and produced scores for award-winning PBS television documentaries and recorded a commercial jingle or two.