Dan Holt

Dan Holt

 Mentor, Ohio, USA

This isn't the old blues. It's the new blues. It's the real blues. Surreal folk blues. The blues as tradition but not traditional blues. The blues is alive and can sing while it's walking. Play the music. Listen to what you hear.


Dan Holt has been writing, performing and recording his brand of blues for over 20 years. He was the winner of the Black Swamp Blues Society Blues Challenge in 2015 and the Dayton Blues Society Blues Challenge in 2016 and was a quarter finalist in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN in 2016 and 2017. In addition to performing at venues across the United States and parts of Canada, Dan has released nine solo albums with his tenth, "Driftin,'" scheduled for a fall 2018 release.



Resonator (Screaming Ray Recordings #009, January 2013)

New End of The World Blues (Screaming Ray Recordings #008, October 2008)

More Than This (Screaming Ray Recordings #007, November 2005)

Mid-Life Crisis (Screaming Ray Recordings #005, March 2002)

Twelve By One (Screaming Ray Recordings #004, April 2001)

6 More Days (Screaming Ray Recordings #003, April 2000)

Kalamazoo (Screaming Ray Recordings #002, October 1998)

Death Rattles, Shuffles & Steel Caged Folk Songs (Screaming Ray Recordings #001, October 1997)

With Vertigo Men

Grove Avenue Blues (Screaming Ray Recordings #006, September 2002)

With Five Believers

Smash My Soul (Family Insane Records #005, October 1995)

Grave Digger Blues (Family Insane Records #004, November 1994)

Dancing On Your Smoke (Family Insane Records #003, November 1993)

Blues In Black & White (Family Insane Records #002, October 1992)


20 Odd Hollers: Fredheads play tribute to the songs of Fred Eaglesmith - Dan Holt performs Ten Ton Chain (Seven Shells #7SCD0001, released June 2000)

Set List

Set list is mostly original material with a handful of original arrangements of blues standards and obscure chestnutsl.