Dan Howard

Dan Howard


My goal is to produce classic, quality songs which could easily be used by either well-established or up-and-coming recording artists in various genres. I am currently writing and recording with that main goal in mind, but would gladly use them myself if the right situation presented itself.


I grew up in a musical family, and started making up songs before I even knew how to play an instrument. As a teenager, I played guitar in a garage band and honed my skills through hours of practice.
After high school I attended a Recording Arts college with the intention of becoming a recording engineer, but part way through realized my true calling was to make music, not just record it.
So I got serious and soon formed a band called Ivory Tower. We wrote, recorded and performed around Vancouver,B.C. at original showcase venues, as well as sending our music to record companies. But we were a progressive metal band and this was the early '90s, so it soon became all too obvius that all most of them were looking for was the next Nirvana or Pearl Jam.
In frustration our band eventually fell apart, but I continued honing my songwriting skills by recording on my own as well as collaberating with other local songwriters. At this time I began to drift away from my Metal leanings and adopted a more open-minded approach. I realized that a good song is a good song, regardless of what genre it is presented in.
I also became professional full-time guitar instructor, which has been my bread and butter for the past 14 years.
Throughout most of my adult life I have supplemented my income by performing regularly in
cover bands, which have ranged in style from Country to classic Hard Rock.
These gigs are where I developed my chops as a lead singer.
My most recent Classic Hard Rock cover band, MULE SHOE, also became an original band when at the behest of fans we began writing originals and inserting them into our sets. This eventually led to recording an all-original album entitled "PILES OF ROCK" which we released locally (Medicine Hat,AB) to great response in Dec.'04.
Our disc is available on cdbaby.com, and our website is www.muleshoerocks.com.
No one is really promoting the album though, so it seems destined to obscurity.
Since recording Piles OF Rock, I have been constantly writing and demoing with a new goal of selling my songs to other artists. I am just beginning on this journey and have alot of work ahead of me!
I have many songs demoed, and have just recently begun recording them in a local studio.


When Love Gets In The Way

Written By: Dan Howard

VERSE 1: I'm willing to wait for you
I've been waiting my whole life through
and now, you say you need your space
But it's getting tough for you to hide
The way that you feel inside
When I can see it in your face
Love ain't convenient, it ain't well timed
But when it touches a heart like mine
I don't think things over
There's nothing you can say
when love gets in the way
It's alright, it's okay
When love gets in the way
You say You've got so much to do
I'm a busy person, too
But I'll make it work for you
You can't run, you can't hide
From the way that you feel inside
When I see it in your face
Love ain't convenient
It ain't well timed
But when it calls you just get in line
Don't even think it over
Just don't think things over

I don't mind, I feel fine
'cause it's alright, Baby
I don't mind, I feel fine
'cause it's alright, it's alright
with you and me
It's alright, it's okay
When love gets in the way
There's nothing you can do or say
When love gets in the way

Still Alive

Written By: Dan Howard

Let the fire cool awhile
Let the smoke drift away
In the ashes we can write
all the things we couldn't say
Let the boat drift awhile
Let the tide take us away
When we reach that desert isle
I'll be as lost as I feel today
I never used to wonder before
But now I just don't know anymore
Well, I've got to know now

Is the dream still alive?
I used to tell by the way you looked at me
One look in your eyes
was all I would need, all I would need
If the dream is alive
come and lie down in my arms again
And tell me everything is still alright
And the dream is still alive

When did I last see you smile?
You know that I'm afraid to say
But if you'll stay with me awhile
I swear you'll smile again someday

I never used to wonder before


...Tell me everything is still alright
And the dream is still alive
And the dream is still alive

In A Song

Written By: Dan Howard

Come see what's going on
Come feel the magic of the moment
Come fall in love again
Take life in both hands and hold it
hold it', yah

Come feel a memory
Come lose your troubles for a while
Brings out the best in me
When I see you smile

Come sing a song
We all belong to the melody
Time moves on
but we're taking it more slowly
Come sing along
We all belong in the revelry
Time moves on
but it goes a little more slowly
in a song

Come touch forever
Come step into eternity
It's now or never
Take my hand and come with me,
come with me




Come see what's going on


IVORY TOWER 1993(out of print)
"PILES OF ROCK" :MULE SHOE 2004 streaming audio samples on cdbaby.com

Set List

I am not currently performing my latest batch of original songs, as my intention is to attempt to sell them.