Funk , Soul, House, and Spiritual Inspirational all rolled into one Dynamic group... Lead by DANI


Dani comes from a long line of musicians and vocalist, that kind of made it destiny for her to sing, along her journey she hooked up with Daille through a friend and the rest is "HERSTORY". So sit back relax and sip on a glass of wine, while we take you through a musical trip into a place where you can feel young again. Atime when you could dance all night long and still get up and make it to work. The story is in the musical journey from the streets, to the church house, to the club, to the bedroom... Go figure, all in one?? Yeah all in one band..... SO ENJOY!!!!


Dani-One-n-One I, The jouney continues, Reload. A fourth Cd is in the works as we speak...
Two of the tracks off of reload are on Dyoba.com and stream..

Set List

Head of my life, I'm a lady, Mama's Love, What if (Obama song). and the covers would be Brown skin (India Arie), I'm in luv (Evelyn Champagne King), and you never know!!! Usually 5 to 6 Songs and about a 1/2 hour to 45 min. set...