DaNica is belting out some powerful & soulful melodies like a seasoned diva...with the excitement of a girl her own age...hard to believe she's only 17 years old.


At the age of 3, DaNica began singing and making up songs with her father…and hasn't stopped since! Listening to her
powerful, soulful, smoky voice, it's difficult to imagine that she's only 17 years old. Having just completed her first self titled EP, a fusion of R&B, pop, and soul, this young and extremely gifted artist is poised and ready to move onto the
national/international music scene.

DaNica's voice is wise beyond her years, her desire to share her gift has led her to perform on stages in countless
venues such as festivals, fairs, schools, churches, weddings, and private parties. Always encouraged and supported by family
and friends, DaNica auditioned for the "Showcase at the Apollo" where she was selected from over 150 acts to perform
on its traveling tour in York, PA. Her performance so impressed the Apollo judges and band, that she was invited to
perform live at the Apollo Theatre in New York City.

On April 28, 2004, DaNica performed in front of a nearly sold out
audience at the Apollo Theatre. Backed by the Apollo's famous house band, DaNica blew away the competition and
won, beating out many other incredibly talented performers.

DaNica's most recent achievement had her wowing over 1000 audience members and judges alike at the "Lancaster
Idol" competition in Lancaster, PA. where she took the title and was named the first “Lancaster Idol”. The judges were highly impressed with her performance asking, "When is your CD coming out?" and stating, "It's as if we're watching a seasoned
professional." One judge, who stated that he had toured with Christina Aguilera, one of DaNica's musical influences,
told DaNica "Christina Aguilera if on the same stage would have some stiff competition on her hands."

DaNica's story has been documented and featured in the local press including the York Dispatch, York Daily Record,
and the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal, as we as on WPMT FOX 43TV.Comments like "remarkable", "a great talent that should be heard", "big voice", "natural gift", and "amazing", have become common place as the press continues to document her burgeoning career.

DaNica was recently interviewed live on WARM 103 FM radio
where she gracefuUy and professionally participated in an on-air interview with the two top morning DJ's, and then sang
live on air. The radio station was so impressed with her natural ability, that they have continued to speak about her on
air on a regular basis, dubbing her, "The Windsor Wonder" (Windsor, PA being her hometown), and most recently
praising her win at the "Lancaster Idol" competition, and strongly encouraging listeners to see her at her next
performance. Fans can also follow her career and her schedule on her website at www.danicasonline.com.

Still reveling in the aftermath of her trip to Los Angeles where she recorded her first self-titled EP with a host of
extremely talented and influential musicians including, Grammy award winning writer & producer Ted Greenberg and Bill
Appleberry among them.

DaNica continues to write and record new material to share with her fans and industry professionals. She believes her hard work and passion for performance has prepared her to move to another level. She has recently signed a deal to work with 3 POINT Records on making this move.

This young and gifted performer has set her sights high and is looking forward to entertaining audiences for years to come.