Daniel Adams

Daniel Adams


Daniel Adams' music is a child of old classic folk and more recent alternative and indie rock. The hybrid melodies and instrumentals are both melancholy and unresolved, but always hopeful. His lyrics, from love to death ring honest with pop and indie listeners alike.


Daniel Adams is an independent musician and Seattle native, recently graduated from college and recording his second E.P. with San Francisco Bay Area producer Jack Conte. He learned guitar in high school from his father, who taught him classic folk music from artists such as James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel and Carole King. These influences soon meshed with the sounds of Jeff Buckley, Jack Johnson and Elliott Smith. The resulting songs are both addictive and challenging, characterized by sailing vocals and heart-hitting lyrics. His performances, throughout the bay area and northwest, are connecting with more and more listeners, gradually building, ready to emerge as a distinct voice in the sea of American songwriters.


Tunnels Without Lights (Heartbeat)

Written By: Daniel Adams

vessel burst in the eyes
coughing fits and
nervousness makes swallowing hard

functioning under fire
there are holes in us
letting our life pour itself out

and as i watch
the sun is setting in her eyes
and doubt like a cancer in my mind

we're losing faith
and fear replacing every time
but i can feel your heartbeat
i can feel your heartbeat
next to mine

vessel burst in the eyes
don't you fear that
eventually it will take our minds

something growing inside
don't you fear that
eventually it will take our hearts

into tunnels without lights
and I can barely see your face
but I can feel your heartbeat
I can feel your heart

into tunnels without lights
and I am losing all my faith
but I can feel your heartbeat
I can feel your heart

Distant Shore

Written By: Daniel Adams

at the end of this is another day
that comes with a price, i don't want to know it
if i just believe, I come out and say
I think this light may leave, but how can I show it?

and I find myself in a great debate
where no one's listening, they just want to win it
there'd be no reasoning, it's just so far away
and we let it fade, every time we feel it

but the waves are crashing over a distant shore
i don't need anymore knocking at my door
up to see with all the light of another day
If I can make a single nightmare go away

would it seem in haste if I packed my bags
and said come what may, I have to try and do this
but I'll take you too, you can guide my way
and I'll guide you through if you really want it


Written By: Daniel Adams

you are what you pack
red leaves in your suitcase and hair
pecan trees bending back
with the wind it's time to get a goin

watch them as they pass
every farm count them darlin'
that's how old you'll be
when you see a place called home again

keep in touch with friends
in the end they'll be golden
if you miss them bad
don't be sad letter's good to send

if you don't look back
little boy you might grow up too fast
distance is a fact on a map
don't you think about that

I remember the september colors
never looked so new like that

I remember that sepetember brought us winter
far away from home
far away from home


Written By: Daniel Adams

all my life i was only burning out and i would've without you
simply put i would've fallen on the wayside and black and bruised

i took the path of least resistance i was
quickly becoming what i hated the most
i took a flight to increase the distance i was
fading out, becoming some kind of ghost

when they'd given me up for good
you kissed the dark
and there i stood

when they'd given me up for dead
you found my ghost
to love instead

i know i could not still be alive and well if not for you
that fate would have me standing here is nothing but the proof

i burnt my bridges beyond repair and just
found you standing here with me on this side
i fought my past and it beat me back but you
never faltered you knew i was inside


Written By: Daniel Adams

im working late
watching over you
from this soft light
I can see your eyes
don't stay awake
tomorrows a big day
if you give it a try
I'll sing lullabies

don't worry if there's something left to do
I'll be there in the day to help you through

sometimes at night
when you in your dreams
I whisper to you
tell you comforting things
like that I love you
more than anything

and if you wake up in the midst of night
I'll hold you close and tell you it's alright


The Distant Shore EP
Live at the Lab
Tunnels Without Lights EP (to be released January '08)

Set List

Tunnels Without Lights (Heartbeat)
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Distant Shore
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To Jocelyn
When You're Near
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Luke and Laura
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