daniel alan

daniel alan


daniel alan combines intelligent lyrics with memorable melodies to create a pop/soul mix that needs to be heard. Blending lush harmonies with driving beats, melodic strings and percussive guitars, he creates a unique musical landscape.


"It all starts with the song" By combining memorable melodies, lush backgrounds and a hybrid acoustic/electronic production, daniel has created a sound that hooks you instantly. Like fellow artists Seal, David Gray and Robbie Williams, he has written songs that follow their own path and cross genres. "When I write, I don't think about what's pop, alternative, or R&B, I think about what feels right and what moves me. I like a cross-pollination of styles because that's what I listen to, an eclectic mix of music. I'm just trying to be me by writing what I feel passionate about, and I try to make that shine through in both my voice and my music." What began as a chance to express himself with a voice and guitar, has become an adventure in sound and technology. "The songs have taken on a life of their own once we began exploring what we could do in the studio." Rising from the ashes of his former band, Less Than Seven, daniel became acquainted with producer Michael Crain through a mutual friend and the chemistry was instant. "He comes from a trained background, where as I play and sing mostly by ear. This combination of styles, with the theory and multi-instrumental background he provides, has really made for a creative environment in the studio." It is in the studio that daniel has refined a sound that is uniquely his own. "Right now there are no rules, giving me the ability to focus on music. I really believe there is a place for individuality in the marketplace, and that given the opportunity, people will relate to these songs we've created." The songs are just the beginning. "I'm excited about presenting them to the public. I love to write, love to sing, but it's in the performance that you get the greatest, most immediate response. I'm ready to make my mark as an artist and to share my thoughts and ideas with an audience. So far, the response has been incredible and I can't wait to see what the future holds." Daniel was recently selected to be the "Featured Artist" for the NBA's Orlando Magic's inaugural charity CD "Total Team Effort", benefitting music in the schools as well as the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation. The CD, which is a collection of Orlando's best unsigned talent, features the original songs "This Love" and "See it Now" as well as a cover of Hall & Oates' "Sara Smiles". In addition, daniel also co-wrote "You Can't Get Far" performed by the vocal group MOSAIC with group member Sean Gerrity, which is the OMYF theme song. As the featured artist, daniel had the honor of performing the national anthem in front of a crowd of over 19,000.


See It Now

Written By: daniel alan/ michael crain

BMI/ASCAP Copyright 2004

Truth is simple, got it figured out
Can’t quit smiling, what’s that all about?
Sunday mornings, sleeping in past ten
Cream in coffee, here with you again
And it all works out, but never as I’d planned
Put asleep those doubts, help me understand

I see it now, they’re all around
Your subtle glances piled up in my lost and found
I don’t know how you’ve stayed around
You’ve said to me so many things without a sound
I see it now

Love is simple, I’ve got it figured out
Just keep smiling, it helps to work things out
Monday morning, you’re dreading work again
The wine from last evening is pounding in your head
But it all works I do the best I can
Put asleep those doubts, now I understand

My eyes are open
They’re all around
You’re all, all around

65 Roses

Written By: d.alan and m. crain

“65 Roses”
(d. alan, BMI ; m. crain, ASCAP)
© 2005 Crainium Productions

There are some days when the sky is dark
And I just can’t get out of bed
All my questions go unanswered
And they always seem to pile up inside my head

But then I look at you
And no matter what you always seem to smile
That’s a trait I’ve tried to learn
For all you’ve given me
How can I give equal in return?

65 roses would never do
For all of the strength I’ve found in you

You’re always telling me that time is just a luxury
We can’t forget
And by living in the moment
We can focus on the now
And live with no regrets

So I’m thanking you
For helping me to open up these eyes
Yes I’m thanking you
Cause now I’ve had the chance to realize
Yes you’ve opened up my eyes

65 roses would never do
For all of the strength I’ve found in you
300 diamonds on a chain
They’d never shine quite like your name
65 roses would never do

In this world on which we’re spinning
We only get one go around
So you better live it up, don’t let the small things get you down
Play the cards that you’ve been given
With a smile and not a frown
With the attitude you choose, can’t nobody get to you

Smiling faces, smiling faces change lives
And I know cause yours changed mine I said
Smiling faces, smiling faces change lives
And I know cause yours changed mine

Chorus Out…


"falling in circles EP"
"Total Team Effort" Orlando Magic/Score LLC
"Sara Smile" (Hall/Oates) single in rotation on 103.1 WLOQ

Set List

set list: (full band) 45 min
falling in circles
open your eyes
see it now
it's not easy
sara smile
back to business
this love

(solo acoustic)1 hour
- originals-
falling in circles
one love
back to business
open your eyes
if i
rescue me
it's not easy
see it now

wonderwall (oasis)
how soon is now/hippie chick (smiths/soho)
landslide (fleetwood mac)
one/walking away (U2/craig david)
pictures of you (the cure)
sara smile (hall/oates)
waiting for that day (george michael)
crazy (seal)
roxanne (police)
just like heaven (the cure)
a ton of U2 songs :)