Daniel Amat

Daniel Amat

 Bilbao, Basque Country, ESP

Absorbing in a very personal way from the heritage of the greats of Cuban piano, Daniel runs through genres from Cuban rural and urban music, respecting tradition, showing the freshness and contemporaneity of his youth.


Daniel Amat, Cuban pianist born in a small town of Havana called Güira de Melena. He grew up surrounded by the rhythms and harmonies of his native Cuba. From a very young age he was influenced by his father Pancho Amat, one of the most important tres players of all times, who passed him the tradition of son, trova, and rumba. While pursuing his formal studies at the National School of Music in Havana, Daniel came in contact with classical music, jazz, and the music of Latin-American composers. Years later he graduated from the National School of Music receiving a degree of classical pianist and professor. All of this allows Daniel to have a unique and authentic style where a fusion can be found between the formal elements of structure, the balance of classical music and the freedom of harmonies and styles of jazz reminding us of Oscar Peterson or Art Tatum among others. Nevertheless, his music is completely dedicated to the main genres of Cuban music such as Son, Changui, Guaguanco, and Danzon. Even though Daniel is influenced by the contemporary influences of the music of today, his style is deeply based on the roots of Cuban music thus creating a unique and authentic musical language.

Daniel has pursued his career internationally, appearing in prestigious venues thoughout Europe, Latin America. His debut CD “El piano que llevo dentro (The Piano Inside of Me)” received the 2005 Cubadisco prize in the Instrumental music category. Currently Daniel resides in Bilbao, Spain where he has been described by the critics as "one of the great pianists of universal jazz".

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Bilbao-La Habana y Vuelta - 2010
El Piano que Llevo Dentro - 2003

Set List

Una Vasca en Camagüey
El Gallo Pinto
Tumbao del Feo
El Guararey de Pastora
Cha Cha Chá Comprensivo
Los Tres Golpes
A Ulises