Daniel ben Avram

Daniel ben Avram


I've composed a multi-genre sacred work, a peace mass titled "Metanoia". I travel with a CD of recorded a capella and instrumental tracks, sing and play guitar along with. It's spoken word, folk, pop and classical with lots of a capella jazz. My concert program is strong, deep and inspirational.


I'm a modest version of Bernstein, of considerably lower-tier genius. I am an excellent, literate 38 year professional musician, a decent guitar player with a strong baritone voice. I've written hundreds of compositions in many genres and played every type of venue from Mafia dives to Candlestick Park (hey, me & the Beatles, eh wot!) and all the inbetweens, churches, bars, restaurants and country clubs and the Great Outdoors.

(On the side I design and host Websites for peace & social justice organizations, and play law clerk, but I'm cautioned, don't give up my night job.)


It Seems To Me

Written By: Daniel B. Zwickel

It seems that you and I could change the world together;
We could make it better by being truly who we are.

It seems to me, together, we could learn to love a stranger,
Nullify the danger that confronts us near and far.

It seems to me, if we could see the wounds that must be healed,
We’d move our hearts to yield the compassion that they bear.

It seem to me the earth could be a garden filled with laughter,
To blossom ever after with a beauty all could share.

At night I dream, and in my dream above the hills I’m flying;
Tears of joy I’m crying from the depth of love I feel.

As I descend a hand I lend to one whose fingers fashion
Understanding and compassion, with a touch that surely heals.

And in the end I find, my friend, ‘tis you, my sister/brother.
We find in each other strength we need to carry on.
And in your eyes I realize the joy I find in living.
Now, in wonder and thanksgiving I arise to greet the dawn!

Peace and love be with you all;
Grace divine bestow upon you
As you go forth to live and to serve in truth

Sing To the Heart!

Written By: Daniel Zwickel ben Avram

Imagine ... imagine ....

Imagine in our darkness
Shines a light with which we see
A hope and promise of
A world where we can truly be.

Imagine living in a
World where justice will prevail.
And working with compassion
In our hearts we cannot fail.

Imagine creating a world
Where people live as one;
Imagine now, my friends,

[Sing to the center of the universe.]
Our transformation’s just begun.
Sing it out loud and clear,
[Imagine people feeling that they’re no longer apart.]
So that everyone can hear.
Sing to the Heart – Sing to the Heart!

Baruch ata Adonai,
Eloheinu Melech ha’olam;
Halo l’chol shi ra’ich ani kinor.
Baruch ata Adonai!

Sing to the center of the universe;
Sing it out loud and clear,
so that everyone can hear.
Sing to the Heart,
Sing to the Heart!

Be My Friend

Written By: Daniel Zwickel ben Avram

I wonder what will become of us
As I try to read the thoughts
within your eyes?
It seems, in love, the greater
pain’s inflicted
The harder that one tries.

I’d almost rather not touch you,
For touch can bring destruction
as it has before.
So, if you’ve any good
thoughts to lend,
Sweet Katie, won’t you Be My Friend? Be my friend ....

I’m wondering if, perhaps for once,
Our thoughts and hopes could
blend in rhyme, and not betray
The ideals that we hold so dear,
Like "love" and "peace",
words I sometimes quite display.

The one before I longed to touch,
But touch had brought
destruction in the end.
So, if you’ve some room
in your heart to spare,
Sweet Katie, won’t you
Be My Friend? Be my friend ....


I've always been of modest ambition, content to be a working musician for more than three decades. Now, after writing hundreds of folk/pop love songs, I'm recording a CD of sacred music. Maybe it's from sixteen years as a cantor in a Catholic church and a Jew and five and a half decades of social activism. Wanna hear me? Go to: www.PleaseListen.ws.

Set List

The concert runs about 90 minutes. Esssentially, it's the musical cues to the roman Catholic liturgy, but written by a Jew and a Unitarian Universalist and a peacenik whose parents met on a civil rights march in 1943.