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Daniel Benjamin

Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany | INDIE

Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"„German singer / songwriters on the rise“ (JULY 2010)"

„.. Just like German artist Norman Palm, DANIEL BENJAMIN stems from Germany‘s province (in his case from the Stuttgart area), he has a beautiful voice - and his English is excellent. The music he crafted has nothing to do with the usual clichés about singer / songwriters.

The new album of this guitar-player and multi-instrumentalist, called „There‘s A Deathbed For Your Monster“, switches from highly complex Pop music to elements from classical music and clever Radiohead references.

The velvety baritone of this 30-year-old and the tender voice of his Greek wife Eleni present the most beautiful completion to the enchanted listener. They so easily created an album that pleasantly reminds me of the music of the most talented German Indie Pop artist Konstantin Gropper (Get Well Soon).

Norman Palm, DANIEL BENJAMIN and Josef Wirnshofer (alias Marble Man) are three extremely talented song blacksmiths from the highly developed German Indie music scene.“

- Excerpt from „Focus Online“/ dpa press agency

"„Forgetting the world..“ (July 2010)"

It‘s a mild summer night. Car windows are open. It‘s intoxicating, how the city lights rush by. Then straight over the cliff, the fall into the river. A brief moment of zero gravity, until one dips into the water, swimming to the shore in order to get wrapped in dry towels to have breakfast. It is images like this that will buzz through your head when listening to the Pop songs of the album „There‘s A Deathbed For Your Monster“.

DANIEL BENJAMIN sings with a manly, yet cuddly voice. A soft melancholy interfuses his compositions that softly enter your ear, mixed with the soft sounds of the electronic piano, guitar, violin, organ, bass and drums. For three quarters of an hour, DANIEL BENJAMIN seems to make any time passing by totally forgotten, that‘s how hypnotic his melodies sound. Boring in places? Not really. His compositions are so captivating you will want to listen to this album sparkling with musical passion - over and over again.
- Thomas Ungeheuer, Frankurter Neue Presse, Germany

"An artfully crafted picture puzzle, full of grace and devotion (July 2010)"

„I want this, I want this, I want this“, says the „little man“ in DANIEL BENJAMIN‘s ear. The „little man“ planted the seed in this singer / songwriter‘s mind, it‘s an idea that will be hard to accomplish. It is the intention of creating a 10 album circle which is meant to establish this multi-instrumentalist in the annals of concept art. This is some serious drudgery, even for a highly talented and chameleon-like singer / songwriter such as DANIEL.

But it‘s looking more than promising for him, because „There‘s A Deathbed..“ is not just a consistent continuation from the previous album, it also makes the audience believe that the music streaming from the speakers could not possibly be more beautiful. Well, until the next album gets released, that is. And so on. However, „There‘s A Deathbed...“ is also an artfully crafted picture puzzle that intends to lead you astray, before bit by bit revealing its precious secrets.

DANIEL BENJAMIN was supported by Thus:Owls, as well as members of Loney Dear and Patrick Wilson.

In three words: chameleon / circle / singer-songwriter - INTRO Magazine, Germany

"Support act DANIEL BENJAMIN was a ray of hope (May 2010)"

Excerpt from WHITNEY HOUSTON concert review

(...) Support act DANIEL BENJAMIN was a ray of hope
What creative song-writing, spontaneity and a trained voice can accomplish was made clear to WHITNEY‘s fans during the support act‘s live performance: DANIEL BENJAMIN, a young singer / songwriter from Germany.

Unfortunately, his set only lasted half an hour and he did not get the best venue sound, but this minimalist proved that less can literally be more - especially when not all the artist‘s talent has been used up (in reference to WHITNEY HOUSTON‘s live performance that day). (...) - Krone Newspaper, Austria


Norfolk & Western/ Daniel Benjamin - The Ocean (self-distributed, released 2003)
The Field (self-distributed, released 2003)
The City (self-distributed, released 2004)
The Mountain (self-distributed, released 2004)
Lightning Strike Me (self-distributed, released 2004)

Daniel Benjamin - Daniel Benjamin (self distributed, released 2005)
Daniel Benjamin - Daniel Benjamin (Haldern Pop Recordings/ Cargo, released 2006)
Daniel Benjamin - Daniel Benjamin 2nd Edition with Bonus-Cd with 19 additional Tracks (Haldern Pop Recordings/ Cargo, released 2007)
Daniel Benjamin - There´s A Monster Under Your Deathbed (Haldern Pop Recordings/ Cargo, released 2009)
Daniel Benjamin - There´s A Deathbed For Your Monster (Haldern Pop Recordings/ Cargo, released 2010)



DANIEL BENJAMIN´s music is a wonderful symbiosis of melody and rhythm, a feathery
excursion through a miraculous pop universe, mainly shaped by coordinates entirely unknown in
his home country. His musical network connects several continents and if one listens closely, it is
refreshing to discover something that is not “cool” today: a personality who is entirely open-hearted
to beauty, kindness and greatness – and this comes without the slightest trace of calculus.

The artist takes his audience into an underworld of ambivalent moods, haunting but also tender
atmospheres and keeps them imprisoned in his musical “Carceri di Piranesi”.
Piece by piece the flaw in the fabric is refined into a patch of beauty, and the blue note sustains the
uneasy feeling, the unaccomplished wears out what’s certain, to bend the tension curve by just
another twist.

Sometimes the noise, the grumbling, the gnarling and the horror fuse into a dangerous cocktail of
contemporary post-rock and no-wave of the 21st century. And on top of this there is the reconciling
sound of the sonorous and smooth voice of the man from Germany and the adulating second voice
of his Greek wife Eleni. It seems as if it is just this evasiveness, this ability for perpetual
metamorphosis, which feeds the source of DANIEL BENJAMIN’s artistic fountain of youth.

In order to gain respect in his own culture area, it required expanded, widespread worldwide tours
and long-lasting friendships with Norwegian avant-gardists such as the eternally seeking Emil of
Serena Maneesh. DANIEL´s early song sketches cumulatively blossomed into beautiful paintings
and a personal influence of Sufjan Stevens or Peter Wilson (Duke Special) is meanwhile being
interpreted at eye level. Thus:Owls (Members of Loney.Dear, Patrick Watson as well as proven
forces of the Stockholm jazz- scene) let one of his intricate pieces „Give Me A Reason“ shine in
splendour. Present young artists seem to fully discover the opulent, musical narrative structure of
classical music and transport this with an airy structure of symmetrical, balanced serenity and

It is all the same to them which trend is currently being favoured by the medial alliance. DANIEL
BENJAMIN almost virtuously floats over the composition of pop music's arbitrariness and creates
an enchanting sound fresco of grand depth, impact and maybe also with a pinch of baroque
aspiration and beauty.
In short: DANIEL BENJAMIN is an entrepreneur-musician and a patient peddler in music always
on the watch-out for musical concord, and last but not least for an open discourse with musician-
friends, melodies, notes, sounds and structures.

He has just released his third album „There´s A Deathbed For Your Monster“ from a ten-album-
cycle, with which the artist wants to lead himself to the musical olympus which shall lead to the
declared musical perfection of the first significant, internationally prestigious pop composer of the
new millennium. Someday even critics of Boheme will not only begin combining the context of
Bach´s pioneering spirit, the music of Can and The Scorpions and melodies of Kraftwerk, but also
understand that DANIEL BENJAMIN has re-guided Germany´s popular artistic creativity into the
mondial spotlight.