Daniel Benjamin

Daniel Benjamin

 Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, DEU

More than ten instruments but only two musicians on stage - the new show of Indie-Singer/Songwriter Daniel Benjamin and his wife Eleni is going to be a stunning concert experience!


Young, talented and unsuccessful...
The story of an artist who grew up in the wrong decade (maybe) and in the wrong country (definitely).
After playing 550 concerts in 15 countries, recording over 150 songs and selling thousands of e.p.s and records without help from managers or record companies there's one question jumping through Daniel Benjamin's career: what is the measure of success?
From finally having an own drumset in the 80's, the first punk rock band with 14, writing songs, promoting his own live shows, self – releasing recordings made at home until being able to make a living from his own creativity, Daniel Benjamin has scored a lot of goals that most modern „pop stars“ haven't achieved yet.
But still there are no cover stories in magazines or video clips on MTV, no sold out arena gigs and platinum records.
The increasing number of dedicated fans could imagine Daniel Benjamin there and he himself would be glad to be the next big thing. His melodies could be little anchors in the heads of millions, his sound could catch the masses and his aura could make him a new icon.
But who is gonna bring him there? Signing to Germany's number one indie record company Haldern Pop Recordings and getting record deal offers in numerous other European countries is one step but more important are YOU: whatever you think you can do you are exactly the right person to spread the news in your world.
Thank you!


Daniel Benjamin (2005)
There's A Monster Under Your Deathbed (2009)
There's A Deathbed For Your Monster (2010)