Daniel Bissell

Daniel Bissell


Solo acoustic guitar act by Daniel Lawrence Bissell aka "Dorfer" My music will grab the listener as honest, fresh, simple yet beautiful, complex, and very emotive. For style expect ear candy mixtures of acoustic blues, hymns, rapping, intricate finger picking, harmonics, and much more.


I commemorate the miraculous! My dad told us a story for many years of how he rode tied up with ropes in a strangers car during his 20's and lived to tell the story - So I celebrated the event and wrote "Ridin' Tied" Check it out! From something so messed up comes something incredible we can all enjoy and learn wisdom from. Of course, beyond life itself, growing up a preachers kid, my own wife & baby girl, teaching English over in South Korea, etc...there are many influences I enjoy. I learn a lot just by listening to the likes of Andy Mckee, Joe Satriani, Tommy Emmanuel, Kelly Joe Phelps, Eric Bibb, and many others. The ear never has enough of hearing nor the eye seeing.


As of yet unknown, undiscovered artist.

Set List

I have no typical set. Most often I've just played for church for free. I'm not even sure if I want to be a performer as much as simply a person who creates really cool music for others to enjoy. So I'm starting to try to get my music out there where it can do some good.