Daniel Byrnes

Daniel Byrnes

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Daniel Byrnes Band just released their first album with their current lineup in 2012. Their live shows are filled with dynamic swings and instrumental changes. An uptempo acoustic tune featuring Daniel's flatpicking guitar chops might be followed by organ driven psychedelic soul. All the while the sets are held together by Daniel's soulful songs and honest vocals.


The Daniel Byrnes Band has evolved since it was first formed as a trio in 2007. Now a genre bending quintet, they've created a sound that is all their own while always staying close to their rock/soul roots. The band's been working in the studio for the past year on their new album, “A New Song To Sing.” Built from the ground up, these songs have a strength and depth that comes with experience. “Our plan for the new record was to go in and record the band live like we sound at the shows, but as we kept working, the project began to evolve. So the live energy is there but there’s a whole lot more to hold on to.“


Conversations in Stereo (2006)
Triple (2011)
A New Song to Sing (2012)