Daniel Cartier

Daniel Cartier


AN AMERICAN ORIGINAL! A POWERHOUSE ONE MAN BAND WITH A SOARING VOICE! Discovered by Elton John singing in the subway, Daniel Cartier's bombastic live show incorperates everything from foot stomping guitars and keys, to drum kits made out of trash and human beatboxing.


"EXCELLENT! Daniel Cartier smoulders with all the sanctified soulfullness of Rev Al Greene himself!"

"Behold! Here's reason for applause!"

"A breakthrough! Buy this album!"
College Music Journal

“Why do I keep doing music? Because I can’t picture life without it...”
Daniel Cartier 2005

Daniel Cartier is a true music industry survivor; a prolific songwriter who continues to add to his extensive body of work in spite of a turbulent past. In fact it's his past, filled with drug and alcohol abuse, nervous breakdowns, abusive lovers and a violent gay bashing that fuels his songwriting, and ultimately leaves the listener with a sense of hope and redemption.

Arriving in New York City at the age of 21, Daniel immediately began honing his performing skills on subway platforms. He liked the subway systems acoustics so much in fact, that his first CD was recorded live, right on a subway platform. The resulting disc, “Live From New York-The Subway Session” became a cult favorite, and Cartier found himself touring the country promoting it to enthusiastic crowds.

Back in New York, he took his act above ground and was sharing bills with the likes of Ani Defranco, Lisa Loeb, X, Jill Sobule, The Indigo Girls, The October Project, Debbie Harry, and Jeff Buckley.

Soon major labels took notice. In the resulting bidding war Daniel caught the eye of one of his childhood heroes, Sir Elton John. He was signed to Elton’s newly re-launched Rocket Records, which was part of PolyGram. The resulting disc “Avenue A” produced by Cartier and Fred Maher (10,000 Maniacs, Matthew Sweet, Lou Reed) was a critical smash, receiving 5 star reviews in various publications and landing on many “best of” lists at the years end.

Sadly, the party was cut short when a huge corporate takeover of PolyGram put countless artists, including Cartier, out of a deal.

Not one to be discouraged, Daniel forged ahead, recording two CDs on his own and building his own recording studio. He educated himself on the art of sound engineering, programming and sampling. His more recent recordings combine electronic elements with his earthy organic approach to songwriting.

In November 2006 Daniel released "You and Me Are We"...11 songs which document his former drug addiction, his eventual stay in a psychiatric ward and drug rehab and his gradual re-emergance into a happy state of mental health. He is also planning a world record attempt for early 2007, playing the longest concert in the history of the world. He plans to be up on stage for 3 consecutive days.

When he's not doing music or art, Daniel uses his boundless energy to raise thousands of dollars for New York animal shelters, AIDS research, and drug awareness.



Written By: Daniel Cartier

verse 1
Hey babe did you have to take that little peice of me?
cause you see now all's I got left are my skin and bones
That summer song we had it still plays soft n' sweet
But you see now...I've got to listen to it all alone

pre chorus
AND AT NIGHT THERE'S something in my dreams and it keeps calling out to me...it's like a twisted memory or like a pain that I can't see...it's like a pain that I can't see and I'm just here trying to breathe and I swear...I SWEAR

Don't you know?
I can't sleep..no cause I can't dream

I can't pretend we were nothing
I can't pretend we were nothing
I can't pretend we were nothing
Couldn't you feel something deep down inside?

Hey babe did you have to take my only heart away?
'cause you see now...I've got nothing left to give.
there's just a hollow hole remaining where my heart once lay
I try to fool myself by talking to myself but I don't see any reason here left to live..

pre chorus

i can't sleep..
no i can't dream
no I can't do anything



Written By: Daniel Cartier

it's allright it's allright
if you go
whatever whatever
at least I know

just wanted to fall
just wanted to fall

believe me believe me
I didn't mean
to get you, to make you, to force you
to feel in between....chorus

the sun coming out today

last chorus
just wanted to fall
just wanted to fall
when I hear you calling
I just have to fall


Written By: Daniel Cartier

hey what's playing inside
inside my dumb heart?
Is it a song of defeat?
All my friends are so hot...
but what they got
Could be the death of me

I've been biding my time
waiting in line
But it kinda feels like a lie
The impermanence of
all this stuff
makes me wanna die

if I told you I'd cut off my right arm
take a bow and wrap it up
with some flowers to leave at your front door
would that be enough?

and my brain dont work right
try as I might
I just can't ditch this unease
so many smiles I fake
hands I shake
trying so hard to please

and hey what's playing inside
this place where I hide?
Don't want to come out today
Dont give a damn about life
do I like it more this way?


all my friends are so hot
but what they got
all my friends are so hot
but what they got
but what it's got
could be the death of me

last chorus
if I told you I'd cut off my right arm
take a bow and wrap it up
with some flowers to leave at your front door
would that be enough?

and if I promised I'd rip all my songs up
smash my guitar upon the floor
tear my soul out
kell all of this music
would you still need more?

and if I told you I'd cut off my right arm
take a bow and wrap it up
bring it with some flowers bring it all by your front door baby

would it be enough?
I wonder
would it be enough???

and if I told you I'd cut off my right arm
take a big red bow and

wrap it up
wrap it up
wrap it up
wrap it up


Written By: daniel cartier

this is for all the hearts I've broken
stupid and hateful words I've spoken
all the demons in me I've woken
just 'cause I could

late night I'm here drinkin...cryin'
callin' out to God but he aint buyin'
Don't matter what I'm doin' or why...
'cause I'm sure that it's no good

and it's gonna be a
long long long long long long long long long long road to redemption (x2)

HOPE is just a word when I'm pretending
saying that I'm through but I aint ending
liquor on my tounge and cash I'm spending
on your mark..get set...go!

racing round the clock to outrun sorrow
so much left to take or steal or borrow
maybe there's a chance I'll change tomorrow
forget all that I know..but it's gonna be...(chorus)

and if you want it
you can have it
by and by..baby by and by
if you want it
gotta grab it
get on you knees and let the spirit get you high

and it's gonna be a long long long long long long long long long
road to redemtion...

it's gonna be
it's gonna be
a long road


Written By: Daniel Cartier

(sigh) ok....s-a-f-e-t-y safe dance

I had a boy and he was
such a pretty boy...oh he did
he did lots of things
things to please me
I did lots of things
things to please him
he was so fine
he was so fine
and he was mine all mine
yeah but I guess
i guess I just became blind
didn't wanna see
didn't want to see that he was
wasting my time

such a pretty boy
such a pretty boy
such a pretty boy
such a pretty boy
and he was

I had a boy and he was
such a quiet boy
(he never said much)
but he'd let me dress him up
and then he'd go hit all the nightclubs
I'd spy him hanging around downtown with his friends where I guess he could joke and be loud
yeah he'd let his cigarette burn down
dangling there
burnt to the filter


I had boy
yeah he was
such a pretty boy
i had boy
he was nothing at all
I guess i should've seen it coming
but I turned a blind eye to reason instead and so
as he kept lookin' at himself in the mirror...well...
I guess I was looking ahead...

such a pretty boy
yeah he was


Written By: Daniel Cartier

Reviving..surviving on bliss
are you listening?
there's a voice on the phone
long awaited call
a friend of ours was calling
nobody was home
and it was sad
cuz we would've loved to talk to them

surviving on bliss
are you listening yeah...there's a voice calling home
long awaited fall
a friend of ours kept stalling
well...maybe he was never sure if there'd ever be someone home

dont stop calling me friend

suriviving on bliss
man I wanna
i just wanna help you to find home
I'll be right here waiting
that's never gonna change
babe I see you burning and I worry that you'll burn away....

chorus (x2)
chorus (till fade)


"Live From New York: The Subway Sessions" (Ignition Records) 1996...recorded live on a New York City subway platform

"Avenue A" (Rocket/A&M) 1997...A critical smash released on Elton John's very own Rocket Records. It ended up on many year end top 10 lists.

"Glorified Demos" (Go Records) 1999... A collection of rarities and demos.

"Wide Outside" (Jindo Record) 2001... Daniel's first noble attempt at home recording.

"Revival" (Endurance Music) 2004...Daniel's second, much more focused collection of home recordings.

"You And Me Are We" (Endurance Music) 2006. Hailed as his best album to date by many music writers, this 11 song disc profiles Daniel's descent into drug addiction and his eventual rebirth as a happy guy.

"38" RELEASE DATE: Fall 2007.
Daniel will celebrate being 38 years old with this 38 song double CD. A frothy mix of lo-fi folk, hi five punk rock, bristling synth pop and deep grooves.

Numerous compilations:
-Billboard Magazine Sampler
-Rock the Vote benefit CD
-OUTLOUD! a compilation CD benefiting The Human Rights Campaign Fund

numerous dance remixes, independant film and network television soundtracks.

"Don We Now Our Gay Apparel" 2004... A collection of original and traditional holiday songs

"Slumbering Children" see it on Launch.com
"Reviving" see it on LOGO and MTVOverdrive
"Beautiful" see it on Rock America,Logo and MTVoverdrive

Set List

Here's a recent setlist that I did in New York City..

1-"There is a Light That Never Goes Out" (The Smiths) I did it totally acoustic...really slow and sad.

2-"Everybody Wants to Be Loved By Somebody"
I started the song by doing some human beatbox which I recorded live on stage. I played it back and added some vocal "cymbals" over that and then recorded a bass line on my guitar (still doing this all live) Once I had this whole groove going I sang the song and slowly continued to add elements to the recording...untill by the end of the song I had this beautiful wall of noise taking place.

3- "Pretty Boy" A ditty about young gay love. I use backing tracks for this song, which is appropriate given that this song pays homage to pre recorded synth pop bands from the 1980s. I play vintage keyboards and guitar along to the tracks as I sing.

4-"Cars" (Gary Numan) A new wave classic gets made over with electronic loops, acoustic guitars and sampled middle eastern vocals. I also pu