Daniel Cast

Daniel Cast

 Alhambra, California, USA

“I want to make music that outlives me and leaves people with something good inside” -fitting…considering the name of the new album, “Good Changes”.


LA native Daniel Cast knows a thing or two about writing
songs that appeal to the masses. In his up and coming debut
album “Good Changes”, Daniel has ten songs with serious
marketing potential. “I wanted to make songs that could be
played on the radio, movies, T.V. or in car or iPod”. The album is
a fluid mix of many of his musical influences: with shades of
acoustic soul over live instrumentation; the music has a smooth
feel to it with pop songwriting that will grab listeners.
All of his songs were written with nothing more than his guitar
and his life-long experiences. He prides himself on writing lyrics
that are relatable; that the common man would appreciate and
understand. “It’s important for me to write a song that people
enjoy listening to and will appreciate later when they come to the
realization of what I’m really trying to say”. It’s not surprising to
discover that his greatest musical influences are the likes of John
Lennon, James Taylor and Marvin Gaye.


"Good Changes"

1. Welcome
2. Back For More
3. Like It Alot
4. Time Is Now
5. Good Changes
6. My Friend
7. Waiting Your Whole Life
8. You're a Beautiful Mess
9. Be Cool
10. Brooklyn's Tale
11. Seafull of People

Set List

Intro feat. BLAC Waful
Back For More
Like It Alot
Time Is Now
(Potential Cover Song Spot)
Good Changes
You're a Beautiful Mess
(Potential Cover Song Spot)
Waiting Your Whole Life
Be Cool