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Charleston, South Carolina, United States | SELF

Charleston, South Carolina, United States | SELF
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"Daniel D – El Violinista Urbano"

Daniel D (El Violinista Urbano) es un artista reconocido , independiente de grabación, Ganador del Premio Apollo intérprete destacado en BET 106 & Park.

Daniel ha realizado en exclusiva para distinguidas personalidades como el presidente Barak Obama, Susan Taylor, Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, Larry King, y el fallecido Michael Jackson.

Daniel D compartirá su álbum “EPIC SOUNDS” en donde su sencillo “Lullaby” alcanzó las 50 listas independientes.

Hosted by: Empyrean PR
Location:Glenardenen, Maryland
Promotion & Photos by Capital Icon

"The Urban Violinist by Empyrean PR - Listening Party"

Daniel D (The Urban Violinist) is a renowned independent recording artist, Apollo Theater Winner, Music Award Recipient and highlighted performer on B.E.T.’s 106 & Park.

Daniel has performed exclusively for distinguished celebrities such as President Barak Obama, Susan Taylor, Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, Larry King, and the late Michael Jackson.

Daniel D will share his album ‘Epic Sounds’ from which his single “Lullaby” reached the top 50 Indie Charts. - Capital Icon - Washington DC

"Daniel D Interview at Claflin University by Aubrey Jackson"

The talented Violinist, Daniel D came to Orangeburg SC to perform at Claflin University! He was interviewed by Aubrey Jackson - Claflin University

"Daniel D Interview at Claflin University by Aubrey Jackson"

The talented Violinist, Daniel D came to Orangeburg SC to perform at Claflin University! He was interviewed by Aubrey Jackson - Claflin University

"BHM: A Unique Violinist Named Daniel D."

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Daniel D. has been playing the violin since the age of 12 and he makes the violin, sound like no other.

Raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Daniel graduated from the esteemed School of the Arts in 2007, immediately setting off on a nationwide tour with T-Bone Ministries.

Davis' faith lies at the core of his music, and his melodic improvisations accompany a soaring gospel arrangement as exquisitely as in his covers of "Billie Jean" or Kanye West's "Stronger."
A seasoned entertainer at just 20 years old, Davis is equally comfortable performing for an audience of 50,000 at the University of South Carolina's Williams-Brice Stadium as he is playing at his family's church on Sunday.

He's studied at New York's Juillard School of Music, won the U.S. Air Force's Wide Talent Search competition, and his fiddle-laden remix of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech has contributed to regular invitations to perform throughout the country at special events.

At home in Charleston, he's been a featured artist at the Spoleto USA festival each of the last two years. Despite his successes, Davis remains a humble young man. Daniel is the first to tell you that the pure joy of playing music far surpasses prestige or recognition. "Every opportunity to play offers new enlightenment and a chance to learn," says Davis. "I love performing and I love playing - period.

Watch the one-on-one interview with this intelligent, remarkable young man as he plays the violin like you've never heard before.

You can hear more of Daniel's music on his website.
- WLTX.com Columbia SC

"My Band: Live in Vegas - Daniel D"

Matt Annecharico interviews HipHop - My Band: Live in Vegas - Matt Annecharico

"Tswagg.com Interview Violinist Daniel D."

First of all, thank you Daniel for taking time out of your schedule to be interviewed by us, let's start with the first question. Where were you born and how old are you?

Charleston SC. I am 22 y/o

Do you remember when your first contact with music was?

My first contact with music was at 12 y/o I went to Charleston County School of the Arts (SOA) for Visual Arts. I had to take an exploratory class. I chose the violin

How did you start learning to play the violin?

As an exploratory as SOA I begin to learn about the violin

Do you play any other instruments?

Use to play guitar. I play enough piano to produce my own music

What are your favorite artists?

My favorite artists are Miri Ben Ari

At the beginning of your career, you opened for Jamie Foxx and Kanye West, can you tell us what that experience was like and how you felt?

I was one of the opening violinist on BET 106 & Park to open the show for Jamie Foxx and Kanye West. I felt honored to have been asked.

You also performed for Barack Obama, could you tell us how that happened and how that felt for you?

His campaign reached out to me to be one of the opening artist for his speech and I performed at the Youth Inaugural Ball. Again, I appreciated the opportunity

Is there any person that you haven't worked with yet but you love to? Who?

YES. Other talented and inspiring artists.

Have you received feedback from the artists you have performed with? What do they generally say?

Yes. They are blown away and they haven't seen anything like this before.

What is your favorite song?

Don't have one

What was the last album you bought?

Chris Brown - FAME

Do you have advice for any new artists that are striving to get the position that your in now?

There are ups and downs in this business

Do you know anything about Brazilian music? (tSwagg is a brazilian blog written in english/portuguese)

A little, I am learning

What are your future plans?

Get my music overseas and gain a higher internet presence

OK, thank you so much for speaking with tSwagg today Daniel, could you finish by sending a special message to your fans?

I appreciate the continued support of my fans. I look forward to bringing real music to my listeners.

Leave a message on my website: http://www.danieldmusic.com

Hit me up on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/DanielDsviolin and face http://www.facebook.com/danieldmusic - www.Tswagg.com

"Talking Smooth Jazz with Violinist Daniel D."

The extremely talented violinist Daniel D (for Davis) is taking contemporary R&B/jazz to the next level with his brand new release EPIC SOUNDS featuring his soulful and inspired violin playing. With music from Usher, Music Soulchild, and Grover Washington Jr. violinist Daniel D. appeals to music lovers of all persuasion, especially those of us who appreciate moving music that blends elements of pop, R&B, jazz and even neo-soul and hip hop. - Talking Smooth Jazz - Blog Talk Radio

"Daniel D. makes the violin cool"

If you haven't been to a Piccolo Spoleto event yet, it's not too late.

There are still some good gets available. And many are free — my kind of price.

One that has piqued my interest is A Touch of Jazz, a community festival and jazz concert from 4 to 7 p.m. Thursday at Robert Mills Manor Courtyard, 20 Franklin St. in downtown Charleston.

The free concert features Daniel D., a 2007 School of the Arts graduate. He is a classically trained violinist who plays jazz, R&B and hip hop. Unique.

Daniel D. is making a name for himself, along with his band. A quick visit to YouTube will show why. He makes the violin cool, hip.

But that has not always been the case for this 20-something Charleston native. At 12, when he first started playing, he didn't like the violin.

It has paid off

Like many young African-Americans, Daniel Davis thought the violin was not cool. But at the arts school, he was given a choice of playing it or the hand bells.

He always thought the instrument “wasn't for someone like me.” You don't hear about a lot of blacks playing the violin.

But when he started taking private lessons a year later, his whole perspective changed.

His instructor, Hennigan Kearns, was a classically trained violinist. And he was African-American. And he made the violin look cool.

Davis said sometimes it was a struggle being the only African-American or one of two in an orchestra. And many think blacks don't play the violin. Even friends and classmates would tease him when he couldn't play basketball because he had to practice.

But Davis used all that to make himself work harder at his craft.

And it paid off. No one is teasing him now.

Inspire others

Davis' goal now is to inspire others — anyone of any ethnicity — to pick up the violin. He loves playing it.

As a matter of fact, he has two students who are taking lessons.

Davis, who has played with chamber groups, still plays classical music with his string quartet. However, his focus is using his violin to play contemporary music as well.

He has been doing that since he took his violin to an event with his uncle, a DJ. He played along to jazz and other tunes.

He was hooked. He was 15 or 16 and he got paid.

Davis, who studied at New York's Juilliard School of Music, did a violin remix of Martin Luther King's “I Have a Dream” speech. And he has performed at events throughout the country, including as an opening artist for the 2008 President Barack Obama Presidential Campaign.

He especially looks forward to the Jazz festival Thursday because it allows him a chance to give back to his community. And, there might be a budding violinist in the audience.
- The Charleston Post and Courier by Shirley Greene

"Daniel D. Album Review"

“There’s not a sweeter instrument, or one that is as emotive, as a violin. There’s certainly not a more moving, young maestro wielding a bow today than Daniel D., the 22-year-old Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B violinist! This inspired musician has harnessed the soul of pop icon Alicia Keys, the funk of contemporary violinist Karen Briggs and the melodiousness of French jazz violinist Stéphane Grappelli! With two albums available: SERENADE featuring Hip Hop and R&B, and this urban jazz triumph PLAY FOR ME... Daniel has performed for Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and Michael Jackson. A seasoned performer with a smile to match the warmth of his playing... it’s no wonder that the Smooth Jazz community is embracing PLAY FOR ME... featuring stylish covers like Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You,” and Chaka Khan’s “Sweet Thing,” along with the album’s hit, “That Guy,” an original that merits a place among such classics. Daniel
D., charismatic, soulful, poignant... he’s that guy”. - SmoothLounge.com

"On The Grind with Daniel D"

On The Grind, aka doing whatever it takes to get to the top. On The Grind is a series on ThatsGlitchy featuring young, devoted, and determined individuals climbing to the top. Some of them are musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, producers, DJs, clothing designers, models, or athletes.

This week’s On The Grind interview is with violinist, Daniel D.
A mixture of finely tuned instrumental skills and raw talent, Daniel D’s music brings us a unique blend of the classical violin with contemporary R&B and pop music. His start in the music business really arose from word of mouth, letting his gift speak for himself. Admiring people from Jimi Hendrix to Stewie from “Family Guy”, Daniel is down to earth and easy to talk to, and is really a true artist – a rare thing to find in the music industry today. His music is undeniably a testament to his talent, and we should all get ready to see what Daniel has coming for us in the near future. For more go to the URL. - The Glitchy

"World On A String"

There are some that would say that classical music can be, at best, a complete snore. These same people probably also have not heard the violin stylings of Daniel D. Through mixing the electric sounds of his violin with catchy beats, classical goes from something you would usually turn your nose up at to a unique form
of classical R&B that you can dance to or even a soothing gospel you can worship to. True, it is rare that you find an African American male D.’s age playing the violin, but through making the violin young and new, he has been able to introduce his peers to his creative sound. “I inspire young males because my playing the violin is something different that they haven’t seen before. They connect the violin with something that is not cool or for nerds, and definitely not for African Americans. SO when they see it, they think it is different. And it seems cooler to them.” Said D. His music is not only inspiring a new generation of music lovers. It has also gotten him professional gigs playing weddings, private parties and sporting events. He has even been on BET’s 106 and Park stage. Sticking to the mantra of not limiting his work, he has even played the mega church circuit. Who knows what the musical powers that be will have in store for D. next. Today a basketball game and tomorrow, the top of the world. - Sheen Magazine

"Spotlight on Daniel Davis"

Totally different from anything you are likely to hear this year is the zesty interpretation of Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Want You’ from the 2009 album ‘Play For Me’ by youthful violinist Daniel Davis. Of course contemporary jazz violin is hardly a novelty as artists such as Karen Briggs and Mark Cargill will attest but the fact Davis was only 18 years of age at the time the album was released makes it that bit different.
Davis originally built a fan base on YouTube through his renditions of Chris Brown’s ‘Forever’ and Soulja Boys’ ‘Kiss Me Through The Phone featuring Sammie’. He appeared before 50,000 spectators at the Obama ‘Stand for Change Rally’ in the University of South Carolina, Koger Center for the Arts and has also opened for Najee, when he performed a song including samples of Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. Much like his contemporaries in hip hop and rap, Davis has modified the traditional path of his predecessors and with ‘I Want You’ scheduled for smooth jazz radio looks set to reach out to a totally different listening audience. - Smooth Jazz Therapy

"Blog Talk Radio Interview with Violinist Daniel D."

joined by radio hosts and fans. Listen in with Daniel D. - SmoothJazz.com

"Refreshingly Orginal"

I'm not sure why this album has been categorized under "contemporary jazz" with album notes suggesting a "blend of hip hop, R & B with a touch of jazz." I would describe it as soulful with a touch of jazz. Not many violinists have graced black music and that is what makes it so refreshingly different, that the lead instrument throughout is the violin. Those dreamy whispered floating vocals, male & female, that are currently in vogue grace many of the tracks and make this one of the finest soul albums of the year. Sadly, a lot of people who would enjoy this will probably never get to hear it so if you are reading this review listen to the samples and buy a copy. Highlights include the best version of "! Want You" since Marvin's original, "Whoa," "That Guy," "Girl I Used To Know," "Stay With Me" & "What I Need." Miss this album at your peril

- Phil Green


http://www.vimeo.com/2889210 - VIMEO.COM

"Charleston’s Daniel D. with Jamie Foxx in NYC"

North Charleston native Daniel Davis — a highly talented and inventive young musician who caught City Paper’s attention two years ago — will perform an unusual gig in New York City this evening (April 23).

Alongside two other musicians, the 19 year-old “hip-hop violinist” is set to play a rendition of musical artist and actor Jamie Foxx’s recent single “Blame It,” just as Foxx makes his official entrance at the premiere of is new film, The Soloist — a drama in which the Academy Award winning actor plays a down-and-out former classical music prodigy (co-starring Robert Downey Jr. and Catherine Keener). Kanye West and other celebrities will be in hand as well. Jamie Fox will be discussing his new movie on BET at 6:00 Thursday night. - T. Ballard Lesemann , City Paper


1. Lullaby 3:45
2. Lettin’ You Go 3:11
3. So Beautiful 4:48 (Guest Will Donato/Steve Oliver)
4. Epic Sounds 4:16
5. There Goes My Baby 4:39
6. Used to be My Girl 4:13
7. Heartbeat 3:24
8. Music Love 3:40
9. Until the End of Time 5:20
10. He Wants it All 3:17
11. Mister Magic 3:45

1. We Fall Down
2. I Surrender All
3. Why We Sing
4. God In Me
5. Friend Of God
6. Amazing Grace
7. He Wants It All
8. Our Faith Prayer
9. Jesus Is Love
10. He's Able

1. Intro  (Ft‘AW’)
2. Play For You Remix Ft DJ Dex & Mike Jones)
3. The  Dream Today
4. Never  Giv’n Up
5. Serenade
6. Symphony
7. Saven Me
8. Play For You
9. Let’s Go
10. Fly Away  (Ft  Faith Lyn)
1. Play For Me (Interlude)
2. That Guy
3. Grover’s Groove
4. Whoa
5. Let It Breathe
6. Girl I use To Know
7. I Want You
8. Play  For Me  (Interlude)
9. What I Need
10. Don’t Worry
11. Sweet Thang
12. Stay With Me
13. Come With Me
14. Glory To You

15. Play For Me
16.I Want You



Daniel D.'s Bio

Talent is a gift, and Daniel D. discovered his early in life, since he first drew a bow across the strings of a violin at 12 years old. Davis is a Charlotte Bobcats Half-time performer, recent Apollo Theater Winner, Charlotte Music Award Recipient, and a highlighted performer on B.E.T. 106 & Park. He was an opening Artist for President Barack Obamas Presidential Campaign, Kanye West and Jamie Fox on 106 & Park, Essence Magazine Susan Taylors Celebration - hosted by Oprah Winfrey, and at Jesse Jacksons Birthday Event in the presence of notables such as, T.V. host Larry King, and the late Michael Jackson. Raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Davis graduated from that citys esteemed School of the Arts in 2007, immediately setting off on a nationwide tour with T-Bone Ministries. His 2013 Classic Instrumental Inspirational album SonRise is making an impression across the lines, along with, his 2012 newly produced album Epic Sounds. His single Lullaby reached the top 50 Indie Charts. In 2010 he produced his second studio Album Serenade following his first release, "Play For Me" in 2009. Davis faith lies at the core of his music. A seasoned entertainer at just 24 years old, Davis is equally comfortable performing for an audience of 50,000 at the University of South Carolinas Williams-Brice Stadium as he is playing at his familys church on Sunday. He was awarded a Summer Scholarship at the New Yorks Juilliard School of Music, won the U.S. Air Forces Wide Talent Search competition, and his fiddle-laden remix of Martin Luther Kings I Have a Dream speech has contributed to regular invitations to perform throughout the country at special events.

At home in Charleston, Hes an annually featured artist at the MOJA Arts, Spoleto, and Swamp Fest festivals. He tours with his band Urban Instrumentalist and periodically recieve requests for string projects. Despite his successes, Davis remains a humble young man. Daniel is the first to tell you that the pure joy of playing music far surpasses prestige or recognition. Every opportunity to play offers new enlightenment and a chance to learn, says Davis. I love performing and I love playing period.

Band Bio

Stylistically unique sounds and backgrounds ranging from Pop to hip-hop to R&B, Jazz and more, the band, Urban Instrumentalist, show no limitations with their ability and style. Their performance with unparalleled energy is brilliant and brings new life to the music scene. Center Stage is Contemporary Violinist Daniel D. He is no stranger to the headlines, an International Recording Artist with four produced albums, A Charlotte Award Winner, High-lighted B.E.T. 106 & Park Performer, opened For President Barack Obamas Presidential Campaign and, an Apollo Theater Winner to name just a few accolades. The melodic sounds of his violin are like no other. Band performance is elevated by Keyboardist Shelton Desaussure as he manipulates the keys. Hes played with Ben Tankard, produces and writes for artist like Quina Parlor, and his musical talent has taken him abroad.

Driving the beat and bringing it together comes naturally for Drummer A.J. He is a skilled musician who plays with his heart and soul. His passion and zeal seals the show for any audience. Each member of Urban Instrumentalist is highly talented in their own individual right. The band delivers not just a tremendous show but, leaves you with an amazingly true musical experience. Keeping it creative and on the edge of high energy our D.J. and/or Bass player is added to the mix and the band is able to blend together a brilliant, unique, super-charged sound.