Daniel D

Daniel D

 Charleston, South Carolina, USA
BandHip HopJazz

Over 2 MILLION YouTube Hits: Over 190,000 visits to myspace site: Over 1000 visits to EPK in past 3 months


Daniel Davis is a hip hop/jazz violonist from Charleston, Sc. He is 20 years old and has been playing for about 8 years. Because he plays by ear, not by sheet music, he has the ability to play any song he hears. He recently released his first album "Play for Me" and plans to audition for a label and for Americas Got Talent in the near future.

The name is Daniel D. I am a violinist and I enjoy performing at different venues and producing new music. If you would like to contact me you can send me a message or chat with me on myspace and facebook. For booking events and more, visit www.danieldmusic.com.

"Generally, the violin is associated with classical or dinner music. I'm trying to break the violin from being a background instrument and want people to see it in a different light." - Daniel Davis

"I am just tryna do something different with music."
- Daniel Davis

" His career is illuminated by taking calculated risks, breaking with tradition and turning challenges into success" - The Herald

"His prowess on violin is garnering the kind of public adoration, recognition, and celebrity kudos that most violinists twice his age have only dreamt of."
- The Herald

"Within moments of Daniel Davis taking the stage, a few thousand jaws collectively hit the ground."

- Stratton Lawrence, Charleston City Paper