Daniele Dall'Omo e Antonio Stragapede

Daniele Dall'Omo e Antonio Stragapede



There is a taste of the musical ‘breathing’ closely connected to our history, our land and the dance steps of our people. With this concert, mostly including pieces chosen within the repertoire of accordionist and organ grinders from Bologna (IT), we want to not only contribute to the revival of a repertoire of extraordinary beauty, risking extinction, but also and above all take back a typically Italian way to ‘hear’ and play, to deal with rhythm, sounds and dynamics. In the Italian tradition, guitars have a rhythmical and harmonic role, an accompaniment role, seldom a melodic role, but, thanks to a careful arrangement work, we manage to give them a leading role, turning a repertoire thought mostly for dancing into a work for two guitars, technically demanding and, at the same time, fresh and refined.


"Bologna tra le Corde" CD
Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEC24_LBTEo