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Daniel Eiseman


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"New Austin Artist Bends Genres, Seeks Noteriety"

"Eiseman's music fits into largely underdevloped scene in Austin of extremely polished artists like Suite 709 and Eric & Olivia, that are perhaps ready for mainstream consumption." - The Daily Texan, Ali Breland

"New York Singer-Songwriter Creates Immediate Buzz In Austin"

"Since his arrival in Austin, Eiseman has hit the ground running. Through his live performance, potent lyrics and infectious sound, he has created a strong following in Austin's music scene and its evident that his best is yet to come." - Apple Seeds Music

"Out Artist"

Bottom line...Daniel Eiseman is a shooting star that is destined for greatness in his
music career. This kid can flat out sing, write, and play his guitar. Imagine Phil Collins
with John Mayer's vocal tone and deliver.

Daniel starts his "All Out" album with one of the best songs of 2011 - "Forever
Waiting." This song deserves TV, Film, and Radio spins. A song that embodies some
of the most honest words a man speak about his relationship with his female lover. He
tells her, "I wouldn't call it polite, but you have made my self-consciousness a virtue in
my life. I shouldn't have loved you. I could have just lied. But if the powers of this world
erase your name from planet earth, then I would live forever waiting."

Another cool song is "In The Wild" which has a Lincoln Park meets Cold Play
(musically) feel with a Phil Collins style message (lyrically). On the song, Daniel really
sings his heart out and puts amazing voice on full display. One of my favorite lines in
the song is when Eiseman proclaims, "Let the sun set and will come the night. Let the
moon remind you to let in the light...we can't live our lives in the dark, no we can't live
our lives in the dark." This song is awesome!

If you love great music, be sure to check out Daniel's other great tunes. Songs like "It's
Gonna Rain (Cassidy)", "Missing Mine", "Leaves" are all standouts in Daniel's sea of
great songs. Go get this album now! - I Am Entertainment Magazine


"In My Generation" Single (October 2012)
"All Out" LP (August 2010)



In today’s world of music, it’s sometimes said that "if you don’t fit into a mold you’re chances are low." Well, not in the case of Daniel Eiseman. This force of a musician is a young and talented singer, songwriter and guitarist who is already gaining acclaim and a stable following in the music industry. His latest release, “In My Generation”, is a top 40, modern day celebration of rock n’ roll sounds, saturated with memorable hooks, stylish riffs, irresistible vocal harmonies and poignant lyrics that will surely define his generation.
Originally from New Rochelle, New York, Daniel began playing guitar and writing songs at the young age of ten. Along the way he picked up Piano, Bass, and Drums. Years later, he has graduated from New York University where he studied Economics. During his time at school he recorded his previous full-album release, "All Out" (2010), and played shows and open mic nights at local venues around New York City. He has graced many stages, some of which include Crash Mansion, Connolly’s Klub 45, Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory, Local 269, R Bar, and was even asked to play the legendary Friars Club.
After graduating in just three years, Daniel moved down to Austin, Texas to further pursue his career. It won't be long before you see his name wherever you go. His multi-dimensional talent, unique sound and perspective, and unforgettable image have people claiming he's the next big thing. His songs are catchy but musical, his lyrics, distinct and powerful, and his voice has been compared to some of music's most distinctive talents for its unmatched tone and quality. IAE Magazine asserts, "Daniel Eiseman is a shooting star that is destined for greatness in his music career. This kid can flat out sing, write, and play his guitar."

Musical Goal: "My ultimate goal is to be heard by as many people as possible. I want people to enjoy my music and get the same pleasure from it that I do from the music of my idols." -Daniel Eiseman