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One Just Wasn't Enough

Written By: Daniel Flannery

One Wasn't Enough
I've got a collection of
All the neatest stuff
I've got a collection of
All the neatest stuff
One Just Wasn't Enough
One Just Wasn't Enough

Verse 1:
If you want to build a little wooden house
I got so many kinds of blocks
If you want to keep your feet warm
I've got 300 pairs of socks
What time is it? I always know
I've got 12 different clocks
I've even got 100 keys
That fit 100 locks

17 rocks
36 fishes
3 birthday cakes
yeah i collect wishes
1 shaggy dog
2 indoor cats
and uh, let me show you my baseball caps


Verse 2:
Do You Like to read? I've got so many books
You can color in some
or you can learn how to cook
Open one up and give it a look
see you learned something good and that's all that it took....

8 sunglasses
and I got 4 kites
when I ride to the park I take 1 of 2 bikes
I've got 5 mirrors
for 5 reflections
and watch where you step that's my cactus collection...


Verse 3:
My mom has room full of fine antiques
I once tried to collect all the days in the week
My recorder collects all the words that I speak
Everything I collect is just so unique

I've got 1 piano
but 88 keys
even my sandwich has 3 kinds of cheese
my garbage can collects my debris
And at school I collect only A's and B's

Chorus Out