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Written By: daniel gonzalez

I wake up this morning,betwen the sun and white sheets,
coffe on the table brings back memories in me,
the breeze is coming in,
the book you left open still here,
my hands still wondering
my eyes keep looking for you,and you still not here,and you still away from me.
away, away.the smell of your shirt is fading away into me,
everything is quaite ,my mind has stop, my blood is not moving in me,
and you still not here,and you still away from me,
how can I forget you if you took all my senses away,
every time I try all the color run away from me,
I hate to say this but I know is the only way,
time will bring me back to life time will find his way out,my hands still wondering,my eyes keep looking for you, and you still not here, and you still away from you

french girl

Written By: daniel gonzalez

the world is yours when your hands touch the restless fields of your country,
I wonder were you dance alone in your room tonight,
I wonder how you pick a flower in spring,what kind of shoes you like the most, what kind of hat you like to wear, I wonder what you think of love,
why did you have to cross the atlantic to find home,how far more would you go to find rest,if you close your eyes, you see more.

I wonder how the light affect you wile you are having coffe in france,
with cream or with out, it dosent matter anymore, beacause you are back home toni,

little french girl running down the street with her school uniform, the streets are paved with different rocks,
her black shoes trying to find her way home, her hands touching eternity, so may colors on the wall, of course..is france.


way to go

Written By: daniel gonzalez

what a way to go in the middle of your dreams, with no letter in the mail,
with out telling anyone,
why tonight, why like this,
say good night,say good bye,
stay a wile, stay with me.

did you think of me,
did you watch the moon,
did you speak with God before you went to sleep.
what a way to go in the middle of your dreams with no letter in the mail.
I know you wanted to go, but you dont know how much I am going to miss you,
say good night, say good bye, stay a wile.