Daniel Gray

Daniel Gray


My sound is R&B/Pop with soul. I am not the typical Pre-Fab R&B/Pop artist, I get involved in every aspect of my music, from the image to the production, and I write my own lyrics. I am like a mix of Prince and Christina Aguilera, with my own twist.


Daniel Gray is a 20 year old singer/songwriter, actor, writer and performer. He is from New Orleans, LA and has been performing since he was 10 years old. He is currently a sophomore in college at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA.

Daniel Gray began his career in musical theater at Holy Name of Jesus working with Shella Swartzmann, his music teacher, on the production of "Alice In Wonderland." Daniel played the famed Caterpillar and he stole the show. Daniel then set his sights on the more competitive regional theater scene. He decided to go and audition at NORD Theater for a chance to work with the late and great Ty Tracey.

Daniel got into NORD Theater working on his first regional production, "The Wiz." From Mr. Tracey, Daniel learned the skills of stage performance and immediately fell in love with it. He worked with Ty Tracey at NORD Theater for the next 4 years. During this time he started to write songs in a series of journals he kept, he also learned to play the piano during this time which helped him formulate melodies for his music. He found that he loved writing and performing his music, it created an escape for him. Daniel was a born performer. Daniel still focused theater shows though.

He wanted to expand his horizons in theater once again and so he went out to Georgia to work with the Atlanta Workshop Players, where he stole the show in the production of "Masquerade," an original musical. Between NORD and the Atlanta Workshop Players, Daniel did a show in New Orleans with The Uptown Players, headed by Winton Marcellus.

In 2003 Daniel put most of his focus toward finishing up high school and getting into college, so he took a break from theater. That year he was accepted to the highly acclaimed Savannah College Of Art and Design. Where he is now majoring in Sound Design and Film. In 2004 he was ready to jump back into entertainment. He released his album "Salt On Scar" in May of 2004, which has sold over 2000 copies to date, not bad for an independent album with no backing but himself and his music. Daniel also stared in three independent films that year, “Highway 45,” “College and Sex,” and “Static.” He also performed in the stage play "The Hollow" by Agitha Christi with the Epiworth players.

Now in 2005, Daniel is already hard at work on another album project and will be shooting three movies, along with going to school. He is a hard worker when it comes to anything he puts his mind to. He always put his all into whatever project he is currently doing. As of right now he is working on a 12 track R&B/Pop. He is locked away in his home recording studio lying down the vocal tracks. The album should be completed by early 2006, but no promises are being made.

There is no telling what this guy will be doing next!!!!!!!!


Salt On Scar (May 2004)
Little Black Book (Coming Soon)

Set List

I have a range of about 25 orginal songs that I can perform, all depending on the lengthe and type of show wanted. I also perform certain covers.

My sets are normally between 30 minute to an hour long, depending on what is wanted.

Booking should be done about 1 month in advance