Daniel Gray Creations

Daniel Gray Creations


Daniel Gray's music and vocals are strong, natural and unique. Listen to his sound clips, you decide.


Daniel Gray's influences were The Eagles, BB King, Bob Segar, to name just a few. Daniel Gray is a original Country Rock, Rock, Blues, Pop, Funk and Variety artist from Southeastern Colorado. Daniel Gray writes, plays and engineers his own music. He adds a nice blend of effects to keep the songs entertaining. Daniel Gray's vocals are loud and clear, singing all his life he easily manuevers through song changes that has become his trademark. Daniel Gray's music is tight, well organized and very enjoyable.
Daniel Gray has had the pleasure of playing on stage with well known artists such as Jan & Dean, The Allman Brothers, Roger Miller, Rick Derringer, Molly Hatchet to name just a few.


Daniel Gray has currently 7 albums released, his songs are receiving airplay internationally.