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Daniel Gray

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | INDIE

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | INDIE
Band Pop R&B


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"Artist Review"

"...Great job at presenting pure emotion...Singer very good, nice tone. Strong voice....I've never heard anything like him before...." Dirk Boa, Music Reviewer - Garage Band Webzine

"Daniel Gray Invokes Invictus"

The genre of Dance music can be a problematic one. At times both frenetic & shallow, the majority of releases in this format are formulaic. So imagine my surprise when I listened to the introduction of Invictus expecting lighter fare, and getting a Spoken Word experience worthy of Jim Morrison. That we receive poetry from the start is surprising in and of itself – but it marks this debut as something new to experience.

Artist Daniel Gray is no stranger to events that provoke such catharsis to a performer. Living in New Orleans at the time of Hurricane Katrina, he experienced tragedy shared by most N.O. residents. While the listener may not share the events, listening to the lyrics of his music transports us at times to a feeling of understanding. He’s been through a lot – and we can feel that in his music.

One of the highest forms of praise in the music industry is to be compared to the ‘greats’. As I listen to his words & feel his arrangements, I am reminded at times of the likes of Prince - no mean feat considering I have long been a huge fan of the Purple One, and am usually hyper-critical of anyone who attempts to emulate him. Gray pulls it off by exploring various sounds instead of allowing himself to be shoehorned into any one genre, and that is the genius of this album.

Invictus is nominally listed as Dance/Pop, but that doesn’t at all define the album. On the album there are definite Dance tunes – ‘Feel‘ & ‘Bombastic‘ could easily be pumped out at Clubs for the enjoyment of the crowd. But for me, it is the other genres delved into that get highest marks. ‘Automatic‘ is in the style of a Ballad, and has a hook that drags the listener into the story being told, and ‘Danger‘ could have been been released by the likes of the Red Hot Chili peppers or KISS. That he takes his music in those directions isn’t the surprise – it’s the quality of the sound that makes it worthwhile. When you look at those involved besides the artist, it becomes clear how he pulls this off – Invictus is produced by multi-platinum producer and engineer Mark Berry who has worked with the likes of David Bowie & Duran Duran.

The release of Invictus and it’s first single ‘Lost & Found’ coincides with the launch of Gray’s The Return of the Club Kids tour, with a kick-off show and after-party at NYC’s Club Europa on August 15th. Also, the video for ‘Lost & Found’ has been confirmed to be added to LOGO’s PopLab in the coming weeks. - Out Impact Magazine by Greg Ragland

"5 Star Talent"

"...A 5 star talent with a 5 star album. This artist knows how to deliver the hit song after hit...no doubt a true musical talent..." -Mark Berry, Producer
- Attack Group

"Lost & Found"

"... A hot Dance cut from an Indie artist...hot club feel, good energy...a circuit hit"-Ronnie Matthews, StarFleet Music Group - StarFleet Music Group


-Self Release Albums-
Salt On Scar LP (May 18, 2004)
Little Black Book (July 4, 2006)

-Indie Label Release Albums-
Invictus (July 28, 2009)



Ever since Daniel Gray was a child, he fell head over heels in love with music. Being a boy born and raised in New Orleans, La., a city rich in music, arts and culture, his thirst for music was nourished by the Crescent City. Daniel began performing at the age of seven years old; he was a natural-born talent who loved the stage and thrived in any environment that involved performing arts. Daniel started down the colorful road of music by engaging in local musical theater, writing lyrics and later, vocals. Even at 12 years old, he already had big dreams for himself and his career as a musician.

When Daniel’s parents divorced during his teen years, he turned to writing lyrics as a way to cope. He took his love of music to the next level by not only writing deeply emotional and touching lyrics, but also singing and performing to the lyrics that he himself had written. Daniel was really starting to find his groove. On August 29, 2006, something happened that would change the path of Daniel’s life. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and wreaked devastation in its path.

When the storm hit, Daniel and his entire family were forced to pack up their things and vacate despite their strong desire to stay in the place they had lived all their lives. It wasn’t until they had reached a safe location and were watching the news when they saw their own couch float down the flooded streets of New Orleans that it really hit them; the devastation was bad and Daniel knew home would never be the same again.

Daniel began writing a lot about Hurricane Katrina and the strong effect it had on him and his life. He decided to go back to school and moved to Savannah, Ga., to attend the Savannah College of Art & Design. After a year there, he decided it wasn’t the right career path and realized his heart was truly set on music. Luckily, being the outgoing charmer that he was, he met some amazing people who were from New Jersey, and decided to make the big move up north, which is where he currently resides.

Now at 22 years old, Daniel has finished his first official album. Titled "Invictus," which in Latin means unconquerable, his new album is categorized in the genre of Dance/Pop and has been produced by multi-platinum producer and engineer, Mark Berry. His album ranges from high energy songs such as "Lost & Found," "Automatic," and "Bombastic" to thought provoking ballads such as "Cast Away," which is a reflection of the emotion and sorrow New Orleans residents experienced with Hurricane Katrina.

Daniel’s new album is a little of everything he likes; pop, dance, ballads and even some rock. Daniel calls it his “spoiled brat” album because when he went into the studio to record it, he was a brat and wanted to do a sampling of all the genres of music that he loves. The album is the epitome of Daniel being in the moment, which he revels in. Some of his biggest musical influences (which are very evident in his music) are Prince and Michael Jackson, and Britney Spears and Janet Jackson for performance. Daniel loves to perform.

Daniel enjoys wearing many creative hats and is currently involved in a few other exciting projects that are on the horizon. He owns and operates Stryker Brown Entertainment, a production company which started as a publishing company for his lyrics, then morphed into a record label-turned-talent agency and is now the fashion-centric production company it is today. Daniel is also working on a collaborative Web series that will be a political show like The View, only with a younger, fresher angle and will also be produced by Stryker Brown Entertainment. He has also started on his second album, which will be coming out next year.