Daniel Halen

Daniel Halen

 Whitehorse, Yukon, CAN

Dan's music crackles with ideas and distinct masterful guitar work ranging from acoustic folk and rock rhythms to elegant finger style motifs. The master of a finely turned phrase, his music is veracious and engaging as he genuinely invites the listener into his creative world.


Dan is a singer/songwriter hailing from Canada's Yukon Territory who combines his formal classical guitar skills and love of traditional folk music into his songs. His music boasts mellifluous rhythmic textures and lyrical double-entendres while boldly stepping over the boundaries of traditional folk music. He interlaces alternative tunings with smooth poly rhythmic phrasing, with a fluidity and adeptness of a refined classical guitarist, all the while weaving great stories and good sense of humor into the mix.

As a complete contrast to the Eighty's rocker Eddie Van Halen, the Dan Halen of Yukon is a 'Renaisance Man' in every sense of the word with regards to his musical influences. As a former carpenter, mechanic, farmer, gold miner, teacher, studio owner and classical guitarist, Dan has amassed a lifetime of stories and experiences to share with his listeners that come from 'real life' moments and interactions with the rugged Yukon landscape and the colorful 5% around him. Moving with his wife Cheryl from prairies of Winnipeg Manitoba in 1995 to the once booming Klondike Goldrush town of Dawson City in Canada's north, they've lived the adventures of the early explorers. Living off the land and in a wall tent at - 40 c without electricity and running water, they continued to be off the grid for more than ten years while building their small home. During this time, Dan constructed a biodiesel processor, converted a Mercedes Benz car and WW II generator to run on waste vegetable oil, messed around with batteries, inverters, solar panels, wind generators, human powered generator bicycles and currently raises livestock and seasonal produce on a small farm in a remote area near Whitehorse while continuing to write and perform his music at festivals and clubs. He's no longer 'fighting the power' and has recently hooked up to the grid to run his recording studio that he recently constructed. It's safe to say that there is little to be had in way of big city influences in his music, other than he’s using a lot more electric guitar than acoustic lately.

As a former music educator, Dan has more than fifteen years experience in the public school system and has taught many levels of choral and guitar music along with several years of film and television production classes to thousands of students. He is a graduate of the University of Manitoba Music Program and holds a B/Mus, B/Ed. and Specialist Certificate in recording from Berklee College of Music. He is a member of SPEBSQSA and TAXI where he collaborates with musicians throughout the world creating music for many niche markets. He has worked as a 1st assistant director and sound recording engineer on two short films through the Yukon Film and Sound Commission's "Mise' en Scene" program and continues to study through Berklee College in recording engineering, guitar, songwriting, and music marketing.

Working to appease the adventuresome tourists that arrive via the Alaska Highway each year, Halen's "Trapper Dan" project entertains the masses with songs of ice roads, dog musher's, Alaskan legends, and far flung Canadian folklore as listeners venture towards the "Final Frontier" of Alaska and beyond.

As an avid historian and outdoor enthusiast himself, Halen created his "Trapper Dan" C.D., as not only a collection of great original northern songs, but also an interactive historical treasure hunt for G.P.S. fans traveling the South Klondike Highway as they're treated to a narrative tour by Dan on the latter part of the C.D. A true "gold nugget" from the land of the midnight sun.

The CD release party for Halen's third C.D. titled "Rich in Every Way" is scheduled for April 21st 2011 at the Old Fire Hall in Whitehorse Yukon Territory. Doors open at 7:00pm and the show starts at 7:30. Get your tickets for only $15.00 at Dean's Strings, Unitech, or at the Old Fire Hall before show time. Only 120 tickets available.


Princess Sophia

Written By: Halen

Verse 1
As the legend is told, she was laden with gold
and near 400 hundred souls from the Klondike.
As the sun left the valley the captain gave tally
“She’s a Princess we’ll steam through the midnight�.
Was a breeze from the north as she plotted her course
soon past Haines then south east through the islands.
With a coal oil lamp, chart a course in the damp
with nary a light from the mainland.

As the Princess drew near her bow would soon rear
for the rock lay ahead was to take her.
On that early cold morn’ struck a reef without warn
Vanderbilt was the name of her maker.

Verse 2
She was up on the hard to the skippers chagrin
on that ill-fated night in October.
And the call soon went out “send the lifeboats about
make it quick for I think I can hold her�.
and the seas they were calm, as the boats through the dawn
came ‘long side the confusion and sorrow.
but your boats are too few for to rescue my crew
we’ll stand by for a large one tomorrow.


And the winds began to blow,
and the seas began to grow,
then she opened up her arms,
and took her down below
no, no, no, no, no, no,
took her down below
no, no, no, no, no, no,
she wasn�t meant to go
no, no, no, no, no, no,
into the sea below
no, no, no, no, no, no,

Verse 3
When the wind she laid down a score of lifeboats abound
full intent on a heroic rescue.
Rushing north through the sea to where the Princess slipped free
from the rock that had held her last evenin’.
Was a scene of dismay for at the dawn of the day
all were lost of her crew without reason.
Forgive the captains last call, lend a prayer bless them all
for the winds bound to change in that season


Rich in Every Way

Written By: Daniel Halen

Rich in Every Way

Music and lyrics by Daniel Halen

He was born a poor boy on a southern farm
Had his Momma’s good looks and his Daddy’s charm
He never took much more than the cloths in his pack
On that cold spring morning, he promised he’d be back

To the only place he would ever call home
A place so dear no matter where he roamed
Where is brother and his sister played
In the yard selling lemon-aide
Poor boywas rich in every way

He was in love with the land he lived
On an angels wings, his life he’d freely give
To defend the country that had made him whole
That shaped his life, and filled his heart and soul

It’s the only place he would ever call home
A place so dear no matter where he roamed
Where his brother and his sister played
In the yard selling lemon-aide
Poor boy was rich in every way

He kneels down praying at the new sunrise
He’s been the blessing to a thousand lives
His heart is peaceful, wholesome, strong and true
He is the proud man that I always knew
He a pauper to a rich man
A hero to the poor

The man I proudly call my Brother from the war
Won’t you please come home now Brother from the war
Come home from the war

To the only place you would ever call home
The place so dear no matter where you’ve roamed
Hear your brother and your sister praying
On the farm here proudly saying
Poor boy rich in every way
Rich in every way
Poor boy rich in every way
Rich in every way

Fishin' Condition

Written By: Daniel Halen

Fishin’ Condition

Words and music by: Daniel Halen

sittin’ by the river, watch the world go by
never catch a fish and it’s no wonder why
sippin’ my whiskey eatin’ apple pie
spend most of my time starrin’ up at the sky

I got a fishin’ condition
fishin’ morning, noon and night
a fishin’ condition
bourbon, whiskey, scotch and gin

never know what you’ll see when your flat on your back
readin’ the clouds is like an Almanac
it starts out sunny then it turns to rain
lyin’ here soakin’wet is kinda’ hard on my brain


I got a story or two when I get back to town
about a great big fish that dragged me all around
it jumped up on the shore and hit me with a fin
that’s the reason ‘bout the shape I’m in


I got a fishin’ condition
fishin’ morning, noon and night
A fishin’ condition
bourbon, whiskey, scotch and gin
I got a fishin’ condition
fishin’ morning, noon and night
A fishin’ condition
bourbon, whiskey, scotch and gin
Burbotte, whiskey, scotch and fin

If Love is a Drug

Written By: Daniel Halen

If Love is a Drug

Words and music by Daniel Halen

45 minutes from now I’m gonna’ be on an airplane
Flyin’ over the ocean to be with you
45 minutes from now I’m gonn’a sit down and buckle up
Thinkin’ about all the crazy things you do
You like to go roller bladin’ in the park
But you won’t go out ‘till it’s good and dark
Or sit on a swing in the pourin’ rain
Singin’ Patsy Cline and drivin’ me insane
Or point at the sky waitin’ for a bus
Whatever it takes you like to make a fuss
Been tryin’ so hard just to figure you out
Now I got it down without a doubt


If love is a drug then I’ve had a hit or two
I’m a guy in love, head over heels for you
If love is a drug, I’ve had a hit or two
Pick me up ‘cause I’ve fallen’ for you

I might not be handsome but I’m handy
I learned a thing or two from Mr. Red Green
I’ll keep you in the lifestyle that you’re use to
And around your friends I’ll try not to be obscene
When I’m out with you you’re like a fashion queen
Everything you wear makes you look eighteen
Dress me up in no time flat
I clean up real good at the drop of a hat
One plus one makes me and you
I’m not blind to love I know that it takes two
Been trying so hard to figure us out
Now I’ve got it down without a doubt


Wake me up every mornin’ with your sweet kiss
And a whispered “I love you” to start my day
That’s the kind of lovin’ I’ll get use to
And I promise I’ll do my best to change my ways
I like to go out drinkin’ with the boys
Carryin’ on and makin’ lot’s of noise
Race up the street in a souped up car
Stereo cranked, smokin’ cheap cigars
Fishin’ the creek from dawn to dusk
I do what it takes just to make a fuss
Been tryin’ so hard just to figure you out
Now I got it down without a doubt

If love is a drug then I’ve had a hit or two…

Pick me up ‘cause I’ve fallen’ for you
I’ve fallen’ for you, pick me up ‘cause I’ve fallen’ for you


Rich In Every Way - 2011
Trapper Dan - 2007
Foolish Things - 2003

Set List

Set list can be provided, but varies from show to show. Enough original material available for a 60+ minute set. Refer to MP3 samples listed under audio.

60+ minutes of up tempo country/rock/folk covers available depending on venue and requirements for performance.