Daniel J. Cartier

Daniel J. Cartier

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Lo-fi electro-folk masterpeices. Pop music for the dis-enfranchised. Arena rock recorded in a former subway musician's bedroom. Songs that are sung sweetly, screamed angily, and whispered quietly. A five octave gospel tenor that silences even the rowdiest of crowds.


After 10 years of self-imposed isolation, singer songwriter Daniel Cartier re-emerges triumphantly in 2011 with two new albums and a second season of his popular web series "MISTER DAILY SONG" http:www.misterdailysong.com

Daniel’s new album, Redemption, showcases the powerhouse vocals which “wrenched from a wounded place, set him on a par with Annie Lennox. Beneath the tough-guy swagger he’s a broken bird pleading for love.” (Time Out New York)

Redemption, produced by TONY® AWARD winning producer Joe McGinnis (Spring Awakening, Best Musical 2007) and Cartier, along with Nashville sound engineer Derek Garten (Pico vs. Island Trees, Parachute Musical, Jewel, Band Of Horses) brings Daniel’s voice front and center. Symphonic elements — strings, horns, and woodwinds — weave through a landscape of thundering guitars, drums and electronic machinery. It’s classic vintage rock (Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues) meets Radiohead with a dash of Rufus Wainright drama and Smashing Pumpkins angst. It’s all these things to a point… but beyond that it’s uniquely Daniel Cartier.

The road to Redemption has not been smooth. It’s littered with record deals gone sour, a nervous breakdown, alcoholism, drug addiction, heartache, psych wards, and rehab. It’s a story heard before, one that kills dreams and ends lives… yet in true survivor fashion Daniel has come full circle and is once again standing at a microphone singing. Some things are just meant to be. Redemption tells the tale.

Discovered by Elton John and signed to Elton’s label Rocket Records in the late 1990s, Daniel was paired with legendary producer Fred Maher (10,000 Maniacs, Matthew Sweet, Lou Reed). The resulting disc, Avenue A, was a critical smash, receiving 5-star reviews in various publications and landing on many “best of” lists at the year’s end. Sadly, the party was cut short when a corporate takeover of PolyGram put countless artists, including Cartier, out of a deal.

Defying all odds and despite personal turmoil, Daniel forged ahead. Piecing together a small recording setup, he educated himself on the art of sound engineering and recorded four CD’s on his own. His organic approach to songwriting and prolific ability has resulted in a catalog of 600 songs spanning many different musical styles. Daniel is also currently working on a Christmas album and a CD of cover songs. When not recording or performing Daniel spends his time creating gigantic works of art which have been shown in galleries around America. He also began his acting career with a bang, landing roles in films, and is working on a book about happiness; a subject he is learning more about with each passing day.

Daniel’s fascinating experience has included many thrills. The Subway CD recorded live in the tunnels beneath NYC raised thousands of dollars to benefit the homeless. Daniel has hosted countless fundraisers for animal shelters and donates his time and talent to both human- and animal-related charities. He’s been privileged to work with and learn from many accomplished people, among them Daryl Hall and Sir Elton himself. This résumé combined with innate talent makes Daniel’s music inspiring and unique.

Redemption features brilliant work by some of Nashville’s best players along with stunning performances by members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, P-funk All Stars, The Wallflowers and more. From soaring cathedral sounds to down-and-dirty grit, Redemption provides a musical journey that speaks to the soul of every human trying to stay calm in a sometimes-crazy world.


This Christmas (Stay)

Written By: Daniel J Cartier

Candles are burning
Outside the snow is falling down
Strings of white lights
Seem like they want to hang around
They been glowing all night
They got me spell bound
The moment’s perfect

Outside it’s freezing
The world is all wrapped up in snow
I bet on the west coast
They got palm trees and mistletoe
No matter where we might be
'Long as you’re with me I’ll know
That life is perfect… so could you...

Let the love light shine
Keep me warm this Christmas

Candles are burning
Carols are sung from door to door
Radio stations play all the holiday hits we’ve heard before
But they’re making me smile, so c’mon let’s play ‘em some more!
Let’s play "White Christmas" one more time… baby could you

Stay….Let the love light shine….
Stay... Keep me warm this Christmas baby...

Stay... let the love light shine
Stay... I'll keep you warm
This Christmas


'THE BEST OF MISTER DAILY SONG'/ 2011/ Rugged Diamond
'REDEMPTION'/ 2010/ Rugged Diamond Records
'THIS CHRISTMAS'/ 2009/ Rugged Diamond Records
'YOU AND ME ARE WE' /2006/ Endurance Music
'REVIVAL'/ 2004/ The Orchard
'WIDE OUTSIDE'/ 2002/ Jindo Records
'GLORIFIED DEMOS'/ 2000/ Jindo Records
ROCK THE VOTE compilation
OUTLOUD - Compilation benefitting GAY RIGHTS

Set List

Daniel talks about his most requested songs

SPIN: "I bang on my my poor acoustic guitar like it's a tribal drum. I've gone through a bunch of guitars doing this song!"

LAY IT ON: "A verrry laid back love song...like that Steve Miller song "I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight toker"

I'M GOING DOWN TO THE RIVER : "a foot-stompin' gospel revival!"

WHAT'S IT GONNA BE?: "I wrote this song for Matthew Shephard...a young gay man beaten and left to die in the dead of winter in Wyoming. This tragedy affected me immensely."

Here comes the Rain Again (The Eurythimics)
Cars (Gary Numan)
Always Something there to Remind me (naked eyes)
Fly Like An Eagle (Steve Miller band)
We're Having Much more Fun (x)
White Wedding (Billy Idol)