Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones


Daniel Jones music touches on a number of generes while really not belonging entirly to one . From the gentle stripped stripped emotions of songs such as 'Damaged Skyline' and Monotone Town to the summery pop charms of 'That Boy',the Blusey rock of 'Last Sad Sands' or the electronica of 'Pariahs'


Daniel Jones & The Guests are a newly formed 3 piece from Dublin Ireland. Formed during the Summer of 2005 the Guests comprise of Dan Jones(Vocals,Guitar) Paul Lynch(Lead Guitar) and Avilino Garcia on drums. The band have made significant progress in short time that they've been together. August 2005 saw the band emerge from a summer of songwriting and rehersals with a home recorded 3 song demo. 'First Cuts' in Hotpress magazine decribed the early songs as having 'hints of Springsteen'. The madien gig came and passed in September with a number of other gigs and acoustic performances following. In late 2005 the band headlined the reputable 'Candlelight Sessions' in Waterford and received a fantastic reaction. The Guests made there radio debut in October 2005 with a 3 song acoustic performance and a 30 min interview on Limerick FM. Feb 2006 saw the band decamped to studios in wicklow to record a selection of songs that will hopefully make up part of The Guests first EP relesed later on this year That pretty much brings the story up to date. 'Last Sad Sands' and 'That Boy' are currently available as free downloads on Soundclick.The Oct 05 Radio interview will be available shortly as a podcast


Last Sad Sands EP - 2006

Set List

Last Sad Sands
Damaged Skyline
That Boy
Monotone Town
Stepping out
Stockholm Gold
Two Below