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D.King- Music’s Modern Day Superhero. Many who have listened to the genius of D.King, have noted that he IS the artist who will save music. Born Daniel Lewis and raised in Toronto, Ontario, D.King is a musician with an indescribable passion and talent.

Although the music speaks for itself, it is Kings personality that has really allowed him to become the powerful artist that he his is today. It could easily be said that King was born to do what he does. Noticing from his early years that he was a very natural performer with a love for the arts and music, King began writing at the age of thirteen. He was always moved by the idea of being able to touch and relate to people through his writing.

Influenced by the booming urban scene of the late 90’s, Kings writing and message was highly influenced by this movement . Becoming a deep fan of the hip-hop genre, King studied the works of many brilliant lyricists, spending the majority of his time in his basement, with his notebook and microphone, developing his writing abilities and constructing songs. Studying his favorite artists and years continuous practice helped him to develop his own dynamic style.

Throughout his high school years, King became infamous to his peers with his flair in free styling. King had trained himself to become a lyrical mastermind, being able to create rhymes on command. His classmates quickly noticed that King was never afraid to show others what he was good at. Magnetized by his clever lyrics and charismatic nature, he quickly made a name for himself in his hometown, and decided to team up with his brother and a friend to form a hip-hop group. This group, Doughla City, was King's first step into considering music as a serious career. Performing in different colleges, and awards shows in Canada and the U.S, it became evident by the response he was receiving that the stage was exactly where King needed to be.

As King grew deeper into music so did his curiosity for what else it had to offer. He felt that the message he wanted to communicate to his fans was not being fulfilled as he planned. In his quest to find something new he decided to explore many different genres. In early 2008, when King found The Beatles, which was unlike anything he has ever heard before, he realized there was a lot more to music that he had experienced.

King’s love for music expanded completely, as he began to open his mind, to everything from classic rock such as Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix, to pop acts such as MGMT, the classical legends like Mozart and Beethoven, and Jazzy and Soulful Sadé . King even listens and is influenced by world music artists such as Latin artist Marc Anthony. It is no doubt that a mixture of such brilliant and accomplished artists would have an impact.

D.King decided to completely re-invent himself, going back to what it was truly all about; the love of music, and to move the people. The creative writer decided to trade his rhymes for his voice, and his urban lifestyle for the lifestyle of a true musician. His newer musical influences inspired him profoundly to pick up on instruments, and is currently working on specializing in the guitar. Dedicated, Fearless, and Undeniably talented, there is no limit for what to expect from D.King. It is easy to envy the man who was never afraid to break borders, reach higher, and be separate from rest.

There is no telling how far he will go, but one thing is for sure, we will be hearing from D.King for many years to come. He has quoted it best himself, "D.King IS Music"