Daniella Mason

Daniella Mason


Daniella's recent musical endeavors provide you with an electronic yet authentic experience. She is bridging the gap between pop and alternative music and is bringing her crazy, creative, and addicting sounds with her. Fans of James Blake, Lorde, and Ellie Goulding will fall in love...


Daniella Mason may strike you as a little bit crazy and a little bit quirky, but she’s endearing as all get-out with talent to boot. Imagine crazy good songwriting + crazy good singing + a beautifully human emotional roller coaster and you’ve imagined Daniella Mason. One listen, and you may just dance and cry simultaneously. This independent artist hails from Texas originally but has made her home in many places including Mexican jungles, a conversion van/mobile home type vehicle, and most recently and (hopefully permanently) Nashville, TN. Her voice soars to fantastical and adventurous places and she will make sure to take you right along with her. To know her is to love her. To hear her is to love her. According to fans, to experience Daniella is to experience a really amazing hug.


All I Want

Written By: Daniella Mason

I know that duty calls

And I know that you must go

And I know that tides must turn

And that they don't stop on account of me

But all I want is you tonight

All I want is you tonight

'Cause your hands they hold my heart

And your hands they fight them off

And I know that you awake and pray aloud for me

And they all stop on account of you

All I want

All I want is you tonight

All I want

'Cause I know your face

And I know your hands

And I know your breath

And I know your lips

And all I want

All I want is you tonight

All I want

Sleeping Rockets

Written By: Daniella Mason and Chase Foster

Times have changed

Time is gone

No more saints

And war at every dawn

Stand and stare

A bed of flowers

A sea of snares

They're takin' all the power

Are we to be weeping prophets

Are we to lay down and die

Are we to be sleeping rockets

Despite the fire inside we keep quiet

The key is love

It breathes, it moves

From chains of fear

It releases you

It releases you

But when we wake

When we wake

When we wake

When we wake


All I Want - Single ... (2013)
Sleeping Rockets - Single ... (2013)
He Sighed (I Believe) - Single ... (2013)
Throw Me 'Round the World ... (2011) full-length
Sleep - Single ... (2011)
All But Harsh ... (2010) EP