Daniel Land and The Modern Painters

Daniel Land and The Modern Painters


A magnificent, magical and monolithic slice of shoegaze beauty. Sounds like Slowdive reimagined by Phil Spector. NME. You can't help but think they're a band the late John Peel would have loved. ROB DA BANK, BBC RADIO 1.


The landscape of Devon, rainy Saturday mornings, the paintings of Katy Barrell, the films of Derek Jarman, the novels of Anthony Burgess, the ethos of Bella Union, the paintings of Mark Rothko and Agnes Martin, the novels of Milan Kundera and Edmund White, the theories of Morse Peckham and Gregory Bateson; Scott Walker, Cocteau Twins, Galaxie 500, Daniel Patrick Quinn, Sway, anything involving Neil Halstead, Sonic Boom, or Brian Eno; the Manchester Canal Street scene circa 2001-2002, winter walks on deserted beaches, glamorous one night stands, comfortable silences.


Voss EP
Imagining October EP
Love Songs for the Chemical Generation LP