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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
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""Barbe has skyrocketed to a level of popularity that she could never have imagined""

Here, Danielle talks with RAGGED about keeping up with fans, fashion, how not to takecriticism personally and how bribery is obviously one of the greatest way to start a career. - RAGGED / by Macy's American Rag

"Danielle Barbe Named Iron City Sound Ambassador"

Danielle will join current
ambassadors 1,2,3; Bear Cub; DJ Bonics; Dream Job and Kellee Maize in representing the brand and will receive $5,000 to support her musical endeavors. - Iron City, Pittsburgh

"Vocally, Danielle can go toe-to-toe with top divas in the genre like Kelly Clarkson and Pink, delivering an overwhelming performance that immediately captures the attention and provides instant auditory satisfaction"

Danielle Barbe can flat out sing and her song, Ghost Town, embodies every musical component needed to be a Top 40 radio hit. The song's overall production is Grade A and definitely helps Danielle compete with the best of the best in the Pop-Rock genre and I have a hard time believing that her 33,000+ Facebook fans would disagree.

Vocally, Danielle can go toe-to-toe with top divas in the genre like Kelly Clarkson and Pink, delivering an overwhelming performance that immediately captures the attention and provides instant auditory satisfaction. I really enjoyed listening to her sing this song and hope to hear more of her voice in the near future.

The music production is very good also. Although it doesn't offer a unique sound specific to Danielle, it is still very marketable and compliments Danielle's voice well.

A lot of unsigned female pop-rockers tend to be overproduced, Autotuned and lacking the proper music and overall mix to make them competitive. But Danielle got it right, and she clearly chose the right producer for this song..

I would recommend Ghost Town to everyone who is a fan of Top 40 pop-rock music.

If you're looking for something new that has the same mainstream appeal as Clarkson and Pink, check out this song by Danielle Barbe. - I Am Entertainment Magazine

""Danielle Barbe is a prolific singer/songwriter who truly speaks her mind through her lyrics whilst at the same time…throwing in some sticky hooks and big choruses""

Welcome to the weekend folks! Today’s Fresh Pick on Daily Unsigned comes to us from the great City of Pittsburgh!

Danielle Barbe is a prolific singer/songwriter who truly speaks her mind through her lyrics whilst at the same time…throwing in some sticky hooks and big choruses. I am completely addicted to her song,…Ghost Town.

- Rob Daily - Daily Unsigned

"Danielle Barbe's video for "Ghost Town" now on FUSE TV & onDemand"

Danielle Barbe's video for "Ghost Town" now on FUSE TV & onDemand - FUSE TV

"Danielle Barbe's "Ghost Town” Named May “Best Song Of The Month”"

“Ghost Town” is a high energy, mainstream rock tune which sounds ready for major radio airplay. The song was expertly produced Luke Ebbin, who has produced platinum & gold albums for Bon Jovi and the All-American Rejects, and co-wrote the hit "Hey There Delilah" for the Plain White T's. "Ghost Town" also provides a fine showcase for Barbe's strong, expressive vocal performance. In addition, Barbe has filmed an impressive video of "Ghost Town," which is currently being played on MTVu and Fuse Music. - SongwriterUniverse

"Danielle Barbe - May 10th Kings of A&R Pick"

Update/News: Danielle Barbe was selected as the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands winner out of over 23,000 bands nationwide and will perform Vans Warped Tour this summer. She will perform June 18th at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC. She will be working on a new record with producer Matt Squire (The Used, Panic at the Disco!)

Key Track: Wango Tango - Kings of A&R

"Danielle Barbe's video on MTVu!"

"Danielle Barbe is this week's freshman and her video is in rotation!" - MTVu

""If you haven’t heard of Danielle Barbe, get ready. You’re in for a wild ride." - Maniac Magazine"

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Danielle Barbe almost three years ago when I booked her for a charity event I was helping to put together for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Glitzburgh (www.glitzburgh.com). She played an unbelievable set, like the professional she is, and her band was out of this world.

Admittedly, when I first heard about her, I only really knew that she was a Pittsburgh musician who had broken out of the Steel City, and begun to make waves throughout the country. Boy, was that an understatement. Danielle Barbe has not only slaughtered the charts, but has also had major national recognition for some of her songs. Her song “Ghost Town” was featured on CBS’s The Ghost Whisperer, and “Wango Tango” made it to the silver screen in the movie Vampires Suck.

A sweetheart to the max, Danielle was kind enough to chat with me about her career, and how she has progressed over the past three years. I honestly have not stopped hearing her name. She’s always getting into something fascinating, or winning Battle of the Bands like the Ernie Ball or playing major gigs like SXSW, Sundance, and even Warped Tour!

What I also love about Danielle is her style. A chic rocker vixen, with smoldering eyes, a killer style, and an overall sweet but I’ll-kick-your-ass attitude, it makes it hard to take your eyes off of her. She commands a crowd and owns the stage (or runway for that matter). If you haven’t heard of Danielle Barbe, get ready. You’re in for a wild ride.

For more information about this hot little Maniac, be sure to check her out at any of the below links. Danielle also gave us a link to a free download of “Wango Tango” !!!


Maniac Magazine: Ever since I first heard of you when you played a charity event I helped put together, Glitzburgh, I have never stopped hearing your name. You are certainly a staple in Pittsburgh’s music industry and are obviously making a name for yourself nationally. What is that like? How does the success make you feel?

Danielle Barbe: I love that my music is reaching new ears everyday, and I love to become close with the new fans. I’m such a dreamer, though! I’m constantly aiming to do more and always ready to work harder. I’m always working on that next step.

MM: Tell me about the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands and Warped Tour. Those are huge deals! What was it like to play them?

DB: I got to play Warped Tour in Pittsburgh this past summer. I had always admired that tour and a lot of the artists on it, so it was incredible to be a part of it for a day. I wanted to sneak onto someone’s tour bus and stay on for a few more shows! After that show in Pittsburgh, I somewhat forgot about the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, until I received a phone call several months later. I had no clue who it was at first… I thought I won a Carnival Cruise. I felt lucky to be a finalist, and the other bands were so talented and kind. I was in good company on that stage at The Key Club in LA for the finals, and it’s still very surreal and exciting to me that I won! I can’t wait to be on the Warped Tour this summer. Bring on the bad sunburn!

MM: A new EP? Talk to me about that? Who are you working with? When can we expect some new jams? Since I won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, I’ll be making an EP with producer Matt Squire (Panic at the Disco/Taking Back Sunday/The Used). It’s going to be interesting to see what direction my music ends up heading in next. There will definitely be some new tunes released in 2012! It’s gonna feel great to get back in the studio soon.

MM: You had mentioned the Buzz Poets (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Buzz-Poets/155802717483) as past Ernie Ball winners, are there any Pittsburgh-based bands you would love to collabo with?

DB: I’m into a lot of Pittsburgh bands, including These Lions (http://www.facebook.com/TheseLions) (it’s true!), Caleb Lovely (http://www.facebook.com/CalebLovelyMusic), and my friends The Delaneys (http://www.facebook.com/thedelaneys), to just name a few. I really admire everyone’s songs and their hard work. They make me proud to be a Pittsburgh artist too.
**Side note: I did not make her say These Lions haha**

MM: Talk to me about the success of your single, “Ghost Town.” I legitimately had that on repeat for what seemed like months. Love that song.

DB: Well, I had moved out to LA indefinitely to write and record my solo album. During a writing session, I really wanted a Primanti’s of all things! I found myself reminiscing a lot about my hometown, Pittsburgh. “Ghost Town”, a song about the ‘Burgh, was what came about. I never would have guessed it would end up being the first single off my album, and be featured on a hit CBS TV show (“The Ghost Whisperer”) and on MTV!

MM: It seems that anything you put out gets some major attention. Discuss “Wango Tango” and its success with the silver screen….how exciting??

DB: Growing up, I loved “Scary Movie” and was thrilled when I was contacted about using “Wango Tango” for the film “Vampires Suck” (which was written and directed by the creator of Scary Movie). It was really wild to go to the movies with my family and friends, and to hear “Wango Tango” in the film after a Marilyn Manson song. The movie ended up being #2 at the box office, so to be on the soundtrack of a hit movie was a huge career move for me.

MM: Loving that you played SXSW and Sundance. What was that experience like?

DB: They were both incredibly different festivals, at very different stages of my career, and each experience was so unique. For my first experience with touring, we played Sundance, so that trip was very dear to me. I knew after those days long days on the road, with a bunch of smelly guys and bad roadside food, that I was definitely cut out for this. I played at SXSW after the release of my solo album and I loved the atmosphere. At every single bar or venue, there was great music. I felt so creative and inspired by the energy of the artists during that trip. I really felt like a part of the community. I hope to play these festivals again in the future!

MM: You are a rocker chick through and through and your style reflects that. You also have a sweeter/softer side too. How does that translate into your style, not only with fashion, but in your songs.

DB: I think, ultimately, it stops people from boxing me into one style musically and fashion-wise. It’s fun to surprise people. I played Warped Tour in a long white dress, and then played my next show in leather pants and a ripped up t-shirt. My music is very much the same way, it can be sweet or tough, or both. I think there’s a little something on my album for everyone.

MM: You’re a talented songwriter as well. What is your process for writing such powerful songs?

DB: I’ve been lucky enough to work with some impressive songwriters throughout the past few years. They’ve constantly pushed me creatively and forced me to open up lyrically. Normally I’ll have a melody or lyric that sticks out to me, or sometimes a song title, and things just build from there.

MM: Advice for up and coming bands looking to follow in your footsteps?

DB: Utilize everything the internet has to offer for indie bands right now. Use social media to your advantage, talk to your fans, whether you have 2 of them or 20,000 of them, and take chances. Enter contests you think you don’t have a shot at winning! Ya never know. See how other bands are marketing themselves and give it your own spin. Most importantly, always BE KIND and always be humble. We all have to help each other out!

MM: What’s your most Maniac moment? Meaning- what’s the craziest thing that has happened to you? (Example: craziest tour experience, crazy stalker fans?

DB: Oh man… I’ve had a lot of crazy experiences on the road. Someone got my face tattooed on their back. That felt a little weird for me. I must say that I was very honored though. Also, I had a fan who feared for my safety constantly. I would get Myspace messages daily, asking if I made it to the venue or if I got my grocery shopping done without being attacked. Thanks to them, I became very aware of my surroundings at all times. Also, people selling my personal items and candid photos of me on eBay! I wonder if anyone actually bids on those… I embrace the weirdness. We’re all Maniacs here.

MM: What’s next for Danielle Barbe?
DB: I’ll be recording and releasing some new music, touring this spring, and playing Warped Tour this summer!

Thanks for a great interview, Danielle! From all of us here at Maniac, best of luck and we wish you all the success in the world. You’re making Pittsburgh proud! - Maniac Magazine

""She's gorgeous. Her wardrobe is to die for. Her voice is a haunting blend of sweetness and edge. She's Danielle Barbe, and she is exploding onto the music scene with enough buzz to spark an earthquake.""

"She's gorgeous. Her wardrobe is to die for. Her voice is a haunting blend of sweetness and edge. She's Danielle Barbe, and she is exploding onto the music scene with enough buzz to spark an earthquake.

Her songs have been featured on television and in film and she has played just about every sought after music festival in the country. Her most popular single, "Ghost Town", is one of the highest rated songs on Soundout.com and the video won her the MTVu Freshman of the Week award.

We caught up with the break-out artist between tour dats and were pleasantly surprised to find that she is funny, down-to-earth, and every bit as sexy and alluring as her music." (see link for full interview p.58-62) - Front Row Monthly

"Danielle Barbe Voted Sexiest Musician in Pittsburgh"

Danielle Barbe Voted Sexiest Musician in Pittsburgh by Go Magazine's Pittsburgh Polls - Go Magazine

""This performers look and sound hold plenty of promise..." - Music Connection"

"Wango Tango" veers off the charts; it's an abrasive, atonal outing whose sexy, swaggering vocal is recorded perfectly. This performer's look and sound hold plenty of promise. - Music Connection Magazine

""We are extremely excited to have the chance to work with Danielle and her band" - Brian Ball, VP of Ernie Ball"

Brian Ball, Vice President at Ernie Ball, added, "We are extremely excited to have the chance to work with Danielle and her band over this next year. Their live performance really impressed us and we can't wait to see what the future holds." - Brian Ball - VP of Ernie Ball, Press Release

""Danielle Barbe is a rising star!" - TV Guide"

"In this episode of Ghost Whisperer, we're featuring Danielle's powerful song "Ghost Town" on the music tracks. Danielle wrote and performed "Ghost Town" with her band and she is definitely a rising star!" - TV Guide

""Danielle Barbe is a textbook example of how pop music can be supported by arrangements that satisfy an audience with heavier tastes." - Ourstage"

Lately, rock and pop go hand in hand. Listeners seem to crave music with both driving intensity and a hook. Luckily, Danielle Barbe is a textbook example of how pop music can be supported by arrangements that satisfy an audience with heavier tastes. With a sound that lies somewhere between Sheryl Crow and Ashlee Simpson, Barbe released her self-titled album back in March. The track “Ghost Town” opens with a complex guitar bed complete with U2-esque reverb and delay. The verse builds with sustained melodies and palm-muted guitars until finally arriving at the chorus. I will be surprised if you aren’t humming that chorus at least once later today.

It’s no shock to learn that Luke Ebbin (Bon Jovie, Plain White T’s, All American Rejects) produced this latest release, or that her songs have caught the ears of music supervisors. Over at CBS, they featured “Ghost Town” on an episode of Ghost Whisperer (you can catch a webisode featuring her song here). And, they even asked her to perform for the the cast and crew of Ghost Whisperer at their 100th episode celebration in Hollywood this past March. Her licensing accomplishments don’t stop there. If you’re flying Delta this summer, listen for “Ghost Town” there too. You might be lucky enough to be on one of the 45,000 flights where they’re featuring the song.

Barbe is no slouch on the live circuit either. She has shared the stage with major acts such as The Cult, Tantric and Rusted Root. She’s also performed at the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW. She’s keeping the rock/pop relationship alive by performing with newly reformed rock act Fuel on their tour this summer. Check out her profile for details soon. - Ourstage Magazine

"Pop/Rock artist Danielle Barbe quickly became a Kings favorite after her latest video release of her new single "Wango Tango" - Kings of A&R"

Pop/Rock artist Danielle Barbe quickly became a Kings favorite after her latest video release of her new single "Wango Tango" - Dean Cramer - Kings of A&R

""Danielle's debut album is a stunning representation of a truly talented and unique artist" - BMI News"

"Danielle's self-titled debut album - produced by Ebbin - is a stunning representation of a truly talented and unique artist." - BMI - BMI News

"Danielle Barbe - Crowned the Winner of 15th Annual Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands Contest!"

"After watching all four bands perform, our judges sat down in the VIP section to make what would be one of the most difficult decisions throughout the 15 years Ernie Ball has put on this competition. As hard as it was our judges came to a unanimous decision and selected Danielle Barbe as the winner of the 15th Annual Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands Contest!" - Ernie Ball, Ernie Ball Press Release

"Kings of A&R Top 8 Emerging Artist List - Danielle Barbe #3"

"Kings of A&R Top 8 Emerging Artist List - Danielle Barbe #3" - Dean Cramer - Kings of A&R

"Danielle Barbe's Ghost Town on MTVu!"

"Danielle Barbe wins this week's Freshmen and is voted into rotation!" - MTVu


Debut self-titled album, Danielle Barbe, produced by Luke Ebbin (Bon Jovi/All American Rejects/Plain White Ts)-

With songs featured on hit CBS TV show "Ghost Whisperer", on the hit film & soundtrack "Vampires Suck", on over 46,000 Delta Airline flights, on MTVu, and in many stores and various locations across the U.S.



Danielle Barbe is a young rock artist from a small town south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her self-released, self-titled debut album is currently garnering a buzz among fans and industry insiders. Danielle is the real deal, a rare combination of incredible talent and charisma only seen in the biggest stars in the business says her producer Luke Ebbin (Bon Jovi, All American Rejects, Plain White Ts, Rival Schools).

Starting at a young age, Danielle fronted a variety of bands, developing her unique vocal style, songwriting, and an alluring stage presence. She soon attracted the attention of Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter Luke Ebbin. This relationship turned into an albums worth of material that Ebbin utilized to build Danielles distinct style and sound. Ranging from indie pop hits to soaring emotional ballads, Danielles debut album is a stunning representation of a truly talented and unique artist. As word got out, the blogosphere lit up with accolades with influential industry blog, Kings of A&R naming her #3 in the Top 10 Emerging Artists of 2012.

Danielles first single got the attention of music supervisors, and was featured in an episode of CBS The Ghost Whisperer. Shortly thereafter, another song off the album, Wango Tango, went on to grace the silver screen with a placement in the film Regency/ 20th Century Fox movie, Vampires Suck. The film was #2 at the box office, and the song was also featured on the films soundtrack.

With the album and single receiving rave reviews from tastemakers, Danielle has developed a fan base that comes out in droves to see her at festivals such as SXSW, the Sundance Film Festival, and shows at the Palms Casino, Rockwood Music Hall and opening for bands such as Semi- Precious Weapons, Fuel, among others.

These fans also voted to make Danielles video the winner of MTVu Freshman of the week, securing Danielle a spot in the MTVu rotation. The video for Ghost Town has made its way onto Fuse TV and On Demand, and "Explosive Minute" was selected for ESPN.

Success continues for Barbe as she was crowned the 2012 winner of the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands quite an achievement considering 23,000 bands entered. This victory earned her a spot on last summer's Warped Tour and this summer's as well.

Great things continue for Barbe, who s career trajectory continues at a dizzying rate. Check her out at Daniellebarbe.com. Additionally, her album and singles are available on itunes.