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Danielle Blakey

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Band Pop Country


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DANIELLE BLAKEY-by Deborah Minter

Young, fresh and gorgeous, DANIELLE BLAKEY has already come to the attention of Star Maker judges, US TV producers and even SHANIA TWAIN’s former guitarist DAVID MALACHOWSKI. Her sound is refreshing and pop-py; seriously modern contemporary. Danielle has written nine of the ten tracks along with producer PETER NORTHCOTE. The tenth is Anybody Listening, the track that landed a spot on the hit US TV show Smallville. The tracks are vital and alive. Opening track Back Home tells of missing the country life. Driving Song is totally hot with an irresistible rocky beat. Tell Me is delightful; about that first moment when love hits so hard it knocks the words out of your mouth. The Kiss is foot-tappingly catchy. Alright has a youthful country sweetness. Back To You is unadulterated unapologetically swinging jazz. Danielle’s music has big touches of jazz, rock and pop but the underlying feeling is sweet green grass country. Independent Available from www.myspace.com/danielleblakey - Country Capital News June 2008

"QUOTE- DAVID MALACHOWSKI- (Shania Twains former guitarist)"

“I’ve seen the future of country music, and it's name is Danielle Blakey” - David Malachowski (Shania Twain’s former guitarist) - David Malachowski


"Danielle is a wonderful singer with impeccable pitch, great style, and a voice that creates an immediate listener response - in short she is just fantastic"- GRAMMY award winning engineer/producer and owner of LMP Studios Los Angeles, Jim Linahon. - JIM LINAHON

"Brooklyn Voice showcases –Danielle Blakey- The wild blossom of Country – Rock music from Sydney !"

I was foretasting the delightful smell of mountain fresh wild flowers blowing with the gusting, hilly winds across one mountain peak to another peak, while taking a trip from Darjeeling to Sanguu, - one of the resting valleys on the lap of the Himalayan mountain ranges, in India. May be that “momentary celestial joy” was hidden in my memory, which becomes visible to me after so many years, like crystal-clear photo memories while listening to “Back home” by Danielle Blakey! Her music will sweep you away into a blissy trance doesn’t matter where you are!

Danielle has a very unique and spontaneous attitude of singing especially when she is pleasantly wild with her mellow riotous country-rock style. I can’t resist to add a comment here by one of the famed Country Guitar virtuoso David Malachowski (Shania Twain’s former guitarist) -- “I’ve seen the future of country music, and it's name is Danielle Blakey”.

Back Home

Shuffling through the crowds on the street
I’m pushing my way on past
Different directions I want to go
But everything is going so fast
Feeling lost and all alone
In this big city of cold cold stone

I wish I could fly into the sky
Come back down
Land on green green grass
Under bright blue sky
Lie on down and close my eyes

Back home
Just you and me
No city lights just that old oak tree
To be free so happily
Bringing back this memory
Back home

Danielle is a Sydney based singer/songwriter, blending together the elements of Country- Pop- Rock- and a bit of Jazz to create her own UNIQUE sound. MUSIC OZ Top 5 Finalist 2007. Tamworth Toyota Star Maker Top 10 Finalist . Danielle has toured EUROPE and the USA playing at Festivals such as the "Monterey Jazz Festival", "North Sea Jazz Festival" and the "Montreux Jazz Festival". Song she recorded “Anybody Listening” played on US TV show “Smallville” .It can be mentioned that the Debut album “Danielle Blakey” produced by Australian guitar legend Peter Northcote. I liked Trent Williamson’s shaky, rocking harmonica solos in the “Driving Song” which made it more groovy with Danielle’s unique vocal throwing.

Band Members:
Danielle Blakey – Vocals - Guitar
Travis New- Guitar
Gary Watling- Guitar
Richard Rose- Bass
Rob Turner- Drums

Many music critics of the industry say - This girl is the next BIG thing!! At only 22, Danielle Blakey is ready to take on the world! Her non-orthodox county, pop, rock creations will surprise and capture your musical imagination. In its short release of just 2 weeks, her album has already been played on several Australian and American radio stations with plans of much more airplay. Supported by some of Australia’s most gifted, accomplished musicians her 5 piece band is raring and ready to Rock !

"Danielle is a wonderful singer with impeccable pitch, great style, and a voice that creates an immediate listener response - in short she is just fantastic"- award winning engineer/producer and owner of LMP Studios Los Angeles, Jim Linahon. Danielle's debut album "danielle blakey" is now available to download on itunes and is available at cd baby.net.

How it all began... listen to Danielle’s own version:

I started singing at around the age of nine, when I realized I was just to unco for ballet. After I finished with ballet I found out that there was a little singing studio below the ballet school. I went inside to take a look. After five minutes of being there I was hooked.
I started singing and acting classes where we would put on end of the year concerts and plays. It was such a great training ground- no pressure at all, just having fun!

After a few years of being involved with that, one of the teachers recommended I take singing to the next level. I began to enter talent quests and eisteddfods, winning and losing some but gaining invaluable experience and developing my stage craft.
Throughout my years at school I kept on singing, balancing gigs, talent quests and rehearsals, with homework and a part time job. I can remember that during final year exams I was out many nights going to rehearsals, gigs, and doing recordings. After school I was singing anywhere there was a microphone as well as doing modeling and promotion work around Sydney.

I started song writing at a late age in comparison to most, I was about 19 when I wrote my first song. I now write everyday. I play regularly with my own band and play jazz with the "Harry Sutherland Quartet”.

The Album.... “Danielle Blakey”

Writing and recording the album took about 2 years from first conception to completion.
The album started off as song writing exercise between Pete (Peter Northcote) and Danielle. They would try to meet every week for a few hours to see what they could create. Slowly their creations developed into a demo CD.

With all the songs complete and ready for production, it was time to enlist the help of some of Pete's friends. On Drums, Kere Buchanan, Trent Williamson on Harp (Mouth Organ), Michele Rose on Pedal Steel and Brydon Stace on Piano and additional backing vocals. Danielle’s jazz band at the time also played on the album, featured in the song "Back to You". Harry Sutherland on Piano, Alex Boneham on double bass and Sam Cairns on Drums. Pete took care of all guitars and electric bass.

The addition of the song 'Anybody Listening' the track played on the US TV show 'Smallville', was a joint decision between Pete and Danielle. She had previously recorded the song in 2003 and they felt it was a great choice to close the album, adding a more 'pop' sound to the overall concept. Mastering was the next step and they had the amazing Paul Blakey from 12th and Vine and William Bowden from King Willy Sound. Artwork was taken care of by JoEllen Henderson for JoEllen Henderson designs and was finished off by Macintype. Photography- front and back photos by Penelope Beveridge. Inside photo- Tony Lyons from TLP.

Her Influences: Ella FItzgerald, Keith Urban, Shania Twain, John Mayer, Dixie Chicks, The Eagles, The Beatles, Jamie Cullum, Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones, The Wilkinsons, Stevie Wonder, The Corrs, Michael Buble, Queen- Freddy Mercury, LeAnn Rimes, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Dolly Parton, Maroon 5, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Jewel, Whitney Housten, Jack Johnson, Eva Cassidy, Frank Sinatra, Carol King, Alicia Keys, Karen Carpenter, just to name a few... in addition Danielle collects ingredients from her happening surrounding which works for her musical inspiration.

My last minute update- Tamohar Islam - The Brooklyn Voice- Tamohar Islam


"Danielle Blakey" self titled debut album containing 10 tracks. 9 co-written by Danielle. Released Independently March 2008

"Driving Song" first single released off the album released June 2008.

Airplay- Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada.

Streaming tracks on imeem, ilike, myspace, reverbnation, bebo,



Danielle Blakey is a Sydney based artist/songwriter, blending together the catchy sensibilities of LA pop with the musical embellishments of Nashville- put simply: crossover pop/country. Pop/Country is becoming one of the hottest selling genres around the globe, artists such as Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Lady Antebellum are all extremely successful, proving the new wave of pop elements in country inspired music, is big.

Danielle has recently returned from a very successful 3 month writing and promotion tour of the USA, songwriting and performing in LA, Nashville and New York and is currently working and writing new material for her anticipated second album release.

Danielle released her debut album independently in 2008, having the first 2 singles: "Driving Song" and "Back Home" receive steady airplay on Australian and International Music Radio Stations as well as in the US, UK, Europe and NZ. Reaching Top 10 positions on Australian Country Charts for over 10 weeks.
"Driving Song" is featured on two ABC/Universal Music Compilation Albums released Nationally in Australia- "Hit Country Summer Party" (2008) and "Pop Country Girls" (2009). Sharing the CD with some of pop country's hottest stars such as Carrie Underwood, Le Ann Rimes and Jessica Simpson.

Danielle Blakey is not only an artist to watch out for but is one to follow on twitter, facebook, myspace, ReverbNation, OurStage, tumblr, bebo......

For more samples of Danielle's music and more info and photos head to: www.myspace.com/danielleblakey