Danielle Cales

Danielle Cales


Each song of mine is an experience someone has gone through because I write what is real to me and the world around me. I observe the emotional realities we all go through in our daily lives then I tell that story through my music.


A skip away from the windy city, Danielle Cales takes up residence in NW Indiana. The daughter of a one time up and coming blues man - Freddy Cales, who met an untimely death before fully realizing his ambition, Danielle carries on a passion for music. One listen and her voice will convince you that the depth heard in her lyrics are genuine soul, entirely unforced. An attentive ear will notice as she crosses the stale barriers of genre and exhibits her courage to be creative in a time of artistic and moral conformity. Danielle challenges herself and her listeners with a musical exploration of humanity reminiscent of singer-songwriters from the 60's and 70's. Only 23 years young Cales exhibits wisdom beyond her years with an ear for melody that will make you think the universe itself must whisper the secrets of harmony to utilize Danielle as an instrument to play its own song.


The Next Best Thing EP

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Set List

I am quite flexible with my set list and change the songs I play to accommodate the audience and time available to play.

My original songs -
You Didn't Ask
The Next Best Thing
Not Alone
The Proposal
Hello World
Sewn Closed
The Damage
16 Decembers
Living it Up
There's No Road
I Didn't Write It
I Lie Awake
Father Knows Best
Holding On [To Being Wrong]
On the Inside
Second Place
Under Water
In the Now
Your Parade

Covers -
House of the Rising Sun
Are you Happy Now
This Love
Mad World