Danielle Cavallon

Danielle Cavallon

 São Paulo, São Paulo, BRA

Danielle has shown herself as a performatic artist who has began in the brazilian theatre. The performance reflects a period of catharsis and blends moments of intensity and delicacy showing the musical influences that built the repertory, such as Fiona Apple, Aimee Mann, Bill Calahan or Cousteau. The musicians and the producers are well recognized in Brazil for working with great and famous artists as Cassia Eller, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Zeca Baleiro.


'Organic and participatory. A stimulant album.'

That's how the brazilian journalist, Kiko Ferreira, described Danielle's album.With an excellent team of musicians such as Fernando Nunes, Fernando Baggio, Adriano Magoo and Norberto Vinhas, Danielle has been winning her place in the media.
With a personal interpretation style that comes from some drama champions, as Nick Drake and Fiona Apple, to the smoothness of Feist , she seduces with elegance and electricity.
Some songs as '(Para) Kerouac', wrote to Jack Kerouac, are personal dialogues that sticks into the audience a delicacy dagger. The album also has a strong rock'n'roll portion and melodies inspired by Portishead songs.
At the end of it all it's about a woman living in the biggest city of South America and her emotions, stories and hormones. All in constant ebullition.

Danielle started in the brazilian theatre, as actress. Around 97 when Brazil started to produce musical plays, she found out the passion for singing and changed her direction.


Delicada Euforia - 2011

Set List

Delicada Euforia
(Para) Kerouac
Blue, Red and Grey
Nada Que Te Diz Respeito
Dizem Por Ai
O Despertar
Amendoim Torradinho
De um Role
Volte Para o Seu Lar